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Waning Moon 15º Taurus August 8, 2023


〰️ The journey of individuation 〰️

It is a tough realization to finally understand who we are and not have the opportunity to walk that path. After some powerful astrological configurations of late, we might have come to a deeper understanding of our core essences. Yet, at the same time, the mundane world is filled with requirements, and they seem to be ever present and demanding, taking up a lot of space.

The last quarter phase is comparable to a crisis in consciousness, and this time around, the crisis pertains to having felt and experienced new aspects of oneself and life yet experiencing difficulties formulating that which is churning on the inside and unable to reach a concise and clear perspective so actual and definitive steps can be taken. It is comparable to having to walk the path less trodden, and the trouble with that is that no one has walked it before, so the lack of good mentors, teachers, or living examples is practically missing.

It is also hard to explain this newfound knowledge to others. For this particular lunar phase, Venus squares Uranus for the second time this summer. While moving backward in the zodiac, she makes us rethink, reevaluate, reassess, reflect, and refurnish the inside of our relationship, first to ourselves and then to others. Both the need to move forward and the challenge this poses are now being recognized, yet there is still a challenge to find out where to begin and how to express this new and authentic Self.

The Moon is squeezed between Jupiter and Uranus, adding further go-go juice to the ongoing quest for liberation. Because it is in Taurus, old, ingrained ideas need to scoot over so that a more life-affirming yes can replace rather stubborn ways of thinking. If we think we got it all figured out, then this lunar phase will tell us differently. As the future and the past battle on, it requires us to dig deeper to find patience and trust, both inextricably connected. And both are quite hard to come about.

And they are needed because the Uranus party doesn’t stop quite yet. Surprises and more surprises will keep us on our toes as Venus crosses paths with the Sun, and they both square Uranus. It would be advisable to keep an open mind and not judge the moment in a black-and-white manner. There is no guarantee when Uranus is around, so be prepared to take things are they come. And they will come. The cosmos is ripe with opportunities for liberation.

As the planetary theatre revolves around certain key relationships, they can quickly turn 180 degrees when Uranus is cued on stage and starts chanting a tale of a hero or heroine that needs to achieve independence and be able to withstand manipulation so that bold choices can be made, and at the same time not overthink about the future, but focus on being authentic and true. That is quite a task! The Sabian Symbol for the Taurus Moon reflects something interesting in that regard: «An old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries» can be understood on many levels, but it shows a certain communication glitch where something that we hold dear, true or is of profound importance to us is not easily communicated, nor understood.

The old figure represents a deep, eternal «old soul» kind of awareness, but one that doesn’t easily translate into words. Truth is resonance and not necessarily explanations, so there is a nudge here to seek that which makes sense on a deeper level, even if it is beyond rational or linear thinking. And some things cannot be explained. The love we have for others might not always make sense, yet there it is. Our aspirations and visions are not always aligned with reality, and our choices can sometimes appear ludicrous to others, yet, there we are, suddenly having no other choice but to follow them.

The message is one of trusting that resonates more intuitively and not trying to persuade others to understand. The journey of individuation is a lonely path, and the resistance we meet isn’t ours to tear down. That which is utterly sane to you can come off as strange and weird to others. So be it. Resistance is futile. Sailor, hoist the sail and surf the solar winds, even if it is a little radical, eccentric, and erratic.

When there is no map, the stars will guide you.

Sol W Jonassen

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