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Waning Moon 19º Pisces June 10, 2023


〰️ Can we still believe in grace? 〰️

In the closing phase of the current lunar cycle, the cosmos offers an odd mix of fixity and fluidity. Maybe it feels like something underneath is not moving at all. It is stagnant, old, and hard to release, and at the same time, the days pass quickly, and the many experiences that make up a day keeps us distracted.

However, we would have to be pretty good at ignoring if that fixed square of Pluto, Jupiter, Mars-Venus, and the nodal axis is to be denied. It is about to lose some of its previous intensity, but it is still there and inspires a deep focus. A fixed square is not something that we can get out of. It pulls us in, churning until awareness is reached.

On the surface, it might look pretty dainty, though. The Sun in Gemini knows how to smile at a camera, but rest assured, something deeper is cooking. Pluto is about to return to Capricorn during this last quarter phase, so we are returning to familiar grounds exploring themes in our lives that are resisting change but eventually will have to succumb.

So behind the summer bonanza is a deeper truth lurking in the corridors. One of money, debt, dependency, lack of resources, death, loss, fear around poverty, grasping, and issues around self-worth. The battle can feel almost Herculean as the old is confronted, and perhaps yet, once more, familiar avenues are revisited. Evolution is two steps forward and one step back, however frustrating that might feel.

The Sabian for this last quarter phase, «A Table Set for an Evening Meal» offers a spiritual balm, almost like a reward. And it is bountiful. Abundant. Provided for.

Sounds great, huh? To be relaxed and seated at a table, being served. When was the last time someone cooked for you or showed up providing nourishment in one way or another? It might feel like a rare experience, life is a lot of creating and fixing and managing, and many people feel like they never do anything but care for others, but now the tables could be turning. Whatever you provide, you will also receive. This image of bounty sheds light on a deeper spiritual connection we can achieve, and the last quarter phase of the Moon begins in Pisces, also known as the Womb of Life. A womb is a place of providence. To be in the womb is to be receptive.

So in a moment of darkness, when we don’t know how everything will work out, and it feels like it is out of our control, can we still believe in grace? To surrender to divinity is hard for humans, especially because the whole concept of God has been tainted by dogma and abuse from the numerous organizations that sell God in bottles and feeds off people’s fear that they might not be pure or worthy enough.

The concept of surrender also begs the question: To what is it that we surrender? Many people sort of believe. And get evidence that there is providence, but constantly need more proof. And humans are this odd mix of animalistic instincts and capacity for divinity, yet we are mortals, and we are vulnerable. Our bodies could be out of alignment. As our minds. So what is fear, and what is faith?

Mercury is now traveling through Gemini, and there is a need for a logical explanation, answer, or communication in one way or another. And the Sabian symbol suggests the solution appears out of nowhere. All we need to do is sit down and let life serve us instead of chasing after it, which requires mental clarity and a capacity to stand still in the midst of chaos, boredom, or fear. Guiding the mental impulses will be of utmost importance right now.

This is a week for letting go. Step aside and let life happen. If you have trouble surrendering because you do not trust grace and providence and feel that the Gods have abandoned you, work on your alignment. It could be so easy as to simply breathe out and let go of a thought that disturbs you or something that feels tempting to try to control. Just that simple action can yield some interesting results in terms of flow. This phase offers a super chance to stay grounded while the flower of spirit opens. Even though the wind is blowing, it doesn’t mean you will fall.

Sol W Jonassen

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