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Waning Moon 21º Aquarius May 12, 2023


〰️ Spiritual twilight zone 〰️

And there we were, at the closing chapter of a lunar phase that was beyond interesting. According to observations, people went through a revelation of what was hidden and now need to deal with that which came up. This last stage before yet another New Moon looks promising, and the intensity is about to transform into new insights, changing old thought forms and habitual patterns.

The Sabian for the quarter moon, «A rug placed on the floor for children to play,» reminds us of the need to explore life’s many options in a safe space and with trust. Whatever will unfold will unfold. Neptune plays a central part in this lunar phase, and the capacity to surrender to the unknown can only happen if there is trust. The last quarter lunar phase is associated with a crisis of consciousness, so our ability to rest assured that our path is going somewhere and come to terms with the new information that we have now gathered, not just about other people and life in general, but also about ourselves, is being strengthened. We are emerging from a spiritual twilight zone, a little bit wiser, a little bit clearer, yet perhaps still without actual knowledge of the next step. Little by little, though, the puzzle is completed, and important bits are now appearing.

Mercury turns direct after a retrograde phase with a tint of ecliptic madness. It went retrograde the day after the powerful New Moon in Aries and stayed retrograde until after the Full Moon. With the direct motion, it could all feel like a massive release. Although some people adore the bubble of retrograde Mercury, its phases are perfect for those who love the deep, inner processes, and evolutionary speaking, Mercury retrograde phases are all about learning to think independently, being open to certain ideas, yet becoming more and more capable of sifting the shit from the valuable—a handy capacity to have in this world of ours. We are allowed to change our minds and be free to follow our own path. It is why it becomes crucial to encounter partners and friends from the past during a Mercury retrograde phase, working as a reminder to help us realize at a deeper level who we are and who we genuinely connect with.

Also, it is lovely that with those authentic soul connections, time is not a problem. There is no mind gap in certain relationships, but now we need to accept that there is a huge gap in others. And that encourages us to think for ourselves, which is the gift of this time. It is up to us now. What we want, need, and dream of must come from a deep, authentic space. Individuation isn’t narcissism, even if the focus is inward and self-consolidating. It is sometimes vital to isolate from all the noise and become clear as water.

As Mercury turns forward, practical solutions around monetary issues could also present themselves. It is as if the pressure is off for now. Maybe you have adapted to a new reality where the cost of everything is becoming the new normal. The upgrade is completed. Version 2.0 of you is emerging. As the New Moon in Taurus is about to commence, Jupiter, our beloved teacher of abundance, is entering Taurus, promising a boost in self-worth. If the pressure was on and you emerged victoriously from the process, now you know what you are made of and how strong you really are. Taurus is muscle mass. A solid rock, a steady land, an individual stronghold of conviction and determination. The shadow of Taurus is a lack of resources and an ingrained poverty mentality. The gap between rich and poor is becoming increasingly visible to us all, quite ironically fronted by a king’s coronation in an outdated system that cost 100 million euros, a veritable slap in the face of those struggling to pay the electricity bills and eat properly. The system is lagging behind, evidently.

The struggle to maintain a living standard of comfort is indeed part of the nodal theme of Taurus-Scorpio. And this territory comes with the traumas of old, of not having enough, of hunger and natural disasters, economic hardship, and lack of resources. So as this ecliptic phase is in its last stage, new solutions on how to manage emerge, a will to adapt to rising living costs is ignited, and a realization that it is time to stop giving people with power more power can pop up. It is time to rise up and protect the territory of one’s own life. May all beings be happy and prosperous! And let us keep the jewels of our true worth reserved for the worthy!

Sol W Jonassen

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