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Waning Moon 23º Cap Apr 13, 2023


〰️ What have you outgrown? 〰️

The Last Quarter Moon presents a time, one week before the New Moon, to clear the space for the coming new cycle. It guides us through the final hours of this current lunar wheel, where we (intuitively) come in to greet the dark (unconscious of our psyche) and continue the process of releasing and letting go of what is necessary.

It’s the culmination phase of the cycle that also involves the assimilation and integration of all that has occurred. Think of it as the final hour before the reset to get things proper. It’s a time to gain perspective and understanding of your experiences thus far through introspection and inward connection. Here, in this phase, we are composting our own experiences, which will later serve to be the nutrients that support the seeds that will be planted.

The more now that we can gain understanding through contemplation of our own experiences, the greater the success will be when we create the following new cycle, which happens to be the cycle of eclipses. If you have been following the thread of these reports, then you will know that the current astrological theme is focused intensely on our relationship dynamics and our ability to know and communicate our values and our truth.

With the emphasis so powerfully activating both the axis of Aries and Taurus, it’s a time when we feel a strong impulse to feel good and be in touch with what we need and desire in life and out of life, and our relationships. Our deep values are being confronted and highlighted so that we can figure out what it is that we really need to feel that we are in the right place, doing the right thing, with the right people. It’s a personal thing! And now is the time we are sorting through it.

With Mercury in Taurus and Venus now in Gemini, for the next month, this cycle strongly influences gaining greater perspective within relationships about our deepest needs and desires (and that of others). Our mindsets must and will shift throughout this eclipse season. Like I’ve said before, with Eclipses, we never come out the way we went in.

Taurus shows how we each have particular tastes, tendencies, and comforts that inform our values and beliefs in life. Gemini wants to discover and potentially challenge our securities with the reality of diversity, contrast, and paradox. There’s a whole world that lives outside of ours. It’s important to be true to ourselves and to garner the most authentic experience of the self through honoring our own needs and desires; to know thy self. And then, there is a time that we must also be confronted by others so that we can learn more about ourselves through others and potentially grow or allow someone else to unfold through us.

As we each try to figure out who we are, what we want, and how to receive it, we are also being called to broaden our perspective and expand ourselves into more potential of relating and understanding that it is beyond our current comfort zone. It’s about allowing yourself to enter into new territory of being, to step into an unknown realm that is already there, existing in your potential, just waiting to be actualized. The dream you always wanted, the life you’ve wanted to live, the way you’ve wanted to be… Get it! Claim it! Own it!

We are currently riding the wave of Aries, and as we come closer to the final degree with the Total Solar Eclipse propelling us forward (at 29 Aries), that Warrior energy Aries represents is calling for the courage to be harnessed and directed toward something in your own life that you fear the most to take on, go through the challenge, conquer the demons, and feel the victory of. No matter how small or grand, we each have our dragon to slay.

Blessings on your journey through the Eclipse Season!

Jessica Dawn

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