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Waning Moon 24º Leo Nov 16, 2022


〰️ After The Eclipses 〰️

It’s debatable how long the effects of the eclipse season last. What’s important to understand is that eclipses are not just a one-off event, and then it’s over. The basic Lunar Cycle goes from a New Moon to a Full Moon, with two half moons in between, and then closes with the final Dark Moon days. Every six months, we have a set of eclipses, which energetically are felt to intensify the already potent process that the lunar cycle represents of rebirth, initiation, and new beginnings into a peak and climax, followed by a culmination, closure, and release period. New – full – final.

Those who follow the lunar cycle learn to work with this rhythmic process within their psyches. As they attune to this natural rhythm and begin to feel their own alignment with Nature and the cosmic dance of the planets, it becomes evident through observation so as above, so below, as within, so without. Ahh, the beauty, the mystery, and the miracle of astrology!

This past Lunar Cycle began with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and then crescendoed into a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This is the axis of desires, needs, deep love, and attachments, to name a few.

So, if we consider it, at minimum, we can tune into the eclipse effects for at least six weeks. There are the two weeks before the coming New Moon Eclipse (the waning phase), where we are letting go in preparation for a new grand cycle of birth and renewal that is coming. Looking back, many of us can recount that we were working on closing up some profound chapters in our lives and psyches during early to mid-October. Following the end of October with the New Moon Eclipse came major new beginnings and significant fresh starts and directions.

A New Moon eclipse often heralds a powerful new focus or direction in our lives and minds. This builds in creation and intensity in the following two weeks of the waxing phase and peaks with a revelation at the Full Moon Eclipse. Now, as we are on the other side of the Full Moon in the last two weeks of the waning, integration, and culmination phase, it is a time of digesting all that has happened over this past month.

In the garden of our being, this is a time to clean up after the harvest (all that we have learned and experienced) and prepare the compost with all the excesses and fallen fruit. Then, till the nutrient-rich soil, preparing it to incubate new seeds again on the soon-to-be Dark Moon.
We’ve reaped all the bounty and nourishment from what was provided, and we, too, are waning. But, in the sub-conscious realms, all those nutrients absorbed (the lessons, the losses, the gains) serve the next round as soon as the New Moon Lunar Cycle begins again in one week.

Whatever we take forward into a new cycle affects what comes of it. So in the last week of a Lunar Cycle, we have an opportunity to release and let go of what we choose to no longer carry with us.

As for the astrology for this week, there is always a multi-layered experience with the planets. At times, too much to try to capture in a short report. So, for now, I’ll leave us with this.

Mercury and Venus leave Scorpio’s emotionally piercing depths and progress into Sagittarius’s optimistic visionary goals! The transition between these two archetypes is like rising from the darkness of the Underworld into the heights of pure potential. As Scorpio’s intention is about diving deep into experiencing the truth, Sagittarius is about expanding into the understanding of truth. Scorpio is deeply penetrative into the psychological and emotional bodies, while Sagittarius is inspired to ride the waves of creative vision, intuition, and imagination. Allow expansion to take you away!

In many ways, Sagittarius aims for the lighter, more humorous, and fun side of life. So as we enter the Holiday Season, Sagittarius promises the flames of inspiration and joy to touch our lives.

May we all feel an abundance of love and light, and may you count your blessings as many as stars in the sky!


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