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Waning Moon 24º Sag Mar 14, 2023


〰️ How to find flow in a complicated reality 〰️

The last quarter phase in this mutable cycle marks the completion of an internal process of inner cleanse and ego adjustment. The resistance we could have felt having to deal with the tumultuous events unfolding and the numerous details constantly demanding attention could easily have worn out the system. Still, this resistance is the ego’s voice demanding control and rewards for the sacrifices made.

It would be better to drive without hitting the brakes hard at every little turn, but if there is a desire to be free, then the breaks are tempting. The urge to stop the flow and escape is alluring. This last phase requires an attitude more aligned with the psychology of the zen warrior or the Shaolin monk. High-level achievement, focus on details, and a deep acceptance of the workload. And if burnout looms, the warrior inside would have to voice a resounding «no more!» This is no time to play a hero, even if it sounds glamorous.

At 24°13 Sagittarius to Pisces, this cycle is about the last degrees of Pisces. It seems like the planets are in for a Grand Finale as the Sun conjuncts Neptune and square Mars, still jittery and all over the place in Gemini but finally out of his shadow phase. Pluto is also restless at the very last degree of Capricorn, and a square to Venus will tick him off this week. The Cosmos is exhaling, releasing, and cleaning up. So if there were a time to realize what underlying ideals, ideas, and illusions motivate action, it would be now.

Since relationship issues will come to the front now, we get a clearer sense of what not to do. We might have upheld a false narrative if we transgress our personal boundaries and accept premises we later discover weren’t exactly what we bargained for. In the worst-case scenario, this cognitive dissonance eventually leads to passive-aggressiveness because something feels unfair and unjust. We need to consider Neptune in this potent last quarter t-square. Neptune blurs the boundaries and, in that sense, overwhelms the individual, and the remedy for this, according to Neptune, is a simpler world, like back in the day. But alas, the world is complicated.

The mutable stellium in Pisces, counting Saturn, Mercury, Sun, and Neptune, could lead to confusion and lack of direction, causing chaos on the doorstep of the spring equinox. Saturn whispers from the back of the mind that there is only one way to work this energy: figuring out when to let go and flow with the events and when to hold back and stand firmly in our boundaries. From chaos comes order, and order is good for the nervous system and the capacity to function. Advice from the Cosmic Department of Enlightenment could very well be formulated as such:

«Take one breath at a time. If it feels too much, take smaller steps. Walk with less haste. Avoid leaving the body. Stay with it. Work out how to say no and be honest even in such a sensitive time. Perfection is an ideal best forgotten. It is ok to be human.»

Living in the moment, as the moment, is what Saturn requires. Then we cannot judge the moment. It is what it is. It could be boring, challenging, stressful, intense, confrontational, dark, light, blissful, funny, or anything else on the long list of how life can feel. The point is, it could be anything, and showing up in life unconditionally in the moment, means accepting the weather as it is. What does this moment require? It could be a firm boundary, a no, a yes, a time-out, to use willpower, or to let go. Any moment carries its own truth. There is not one rule that applies to all, not when we talk about Pisces. Then we talk about the truth of this moment. And then, we understand how to flow. Flowing is not a passive state of accepting everything. Flowing is a state of understanding what each moment requires. That would be aligned action.

And for that to happen, the ego needs to be modified by truth. If the ego runs the show, anger might backfire when the moment does not present our desired wants. In other words, we can’t change the world to fit our desires. Instead, we have to accept the world as it is and then adjust to the moment in a creative manner. Whether it rains or shines.

Sol W Jonassen

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