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Waning Moon 24º Scorpio Feb 13, 2023


〰️ Allow new possibilities 〰️

The last quarter moon phase closes the lunar cycle and prepares us for yet another new beginning at the upcoming New Moon. The last week of the cycle is a culmination and an intensified integration of all that was birthed during this cycle. We are processing.

For many, this past Full Moon was a wild and powerfully eruptive one, and in this stage of the cycle, we are working through all that was revealed during that peak of energy.

The themes around recent events and experiences are “deep,” “powerful,” and oh-so-personal. We have been tapping into OLD patterns. Personal struggles, issues, and behaviors as old as the sea that have been carried through time and generations even before us. When struggles that are deeply embedded get carried through time and passed on, they are weighty by the time they reach our own doorstep. These heavy burdens that we bear, the burdens of our past, the burdens of our ancestors, the burdens of our karma, the burdens of our own and other’s mistakes and ignorance, these are what this current time frame is all about; feeling the weight and potentially laying it down.

As Pluto, the great Lord of the Underworld, destroyer and purger of our attachments, reaper of death, and facilitator of rebirth, enters the last degree of a sign, it is then that we are at a powerful end before the grand beginning. Here in the sign of Capricorn, we tap into the things that are deeply rooted, have stood the test of time, have concretized into firm judgments and laws of conduct and position, and have been declared like a brick wall as a solidly ingrained part of reality. But in the end, all things must end and change, grow, and evolve, for that is the way of life. But into what, we may ask? More! More of ourselves, more of our potential, more of love.

In a humanity/collective-soul way, we are all teetering on the cusp of a revolution – from Capricorn into Aquarius, and first, there comes the revolt. In Capricorn, from definitions of what is normal and excepted in our families and our societies, we are highly “supported” to conform to the standards, the judgments, and the expectations of the consensus opinion and external authority. Here, doctrines and laws that do not serve all people are created. The shadow of Capricorn reveals itself in not honoring or taking into account the more personal individual needs and feelings of a person, thus putting true support at stake.
Capricorn, in its highest expression, aims to create security, confidence, and sovereignty, and it is in Capricorn that we learn to have inner personal authority and personal leadership so that we are aptly prepared to confront the World with strong internal defenses of integrity, honor, respect, devotion, and loyalty intact. Without these, what are we, and how do we participate?

The transition from Capricorn into Aquarius still highlights collective harmony and societal influence and the impact it has upon us and we upon it. But Aquarius intends to rise it to the next level into unity (not conformity) and acceptance of individuality as a gift and an essential need within society. Elitism and malicious arrogance are the gross shadow of Aquarius, which we can observe throughout the world societies.

So therein lies the revolt and the revolution. And it is here now that we may be feeling the need to be free from who or what is holding us back and to liberate into our own unique potential so that we may create lives that are in harmony with our hearts and ideally in support of those of others.

Blessings on your path,


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