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Waning Moon 24º Virgo Dec 16, 2022


〰️ Be mindful in your actions 〰️

The last quarter Moon at 24°21 degrees Virgo square the Sun, which is closing in on the Galactic Center, urges us to have faith and actively pursue the things that provide health, strength, and courage. As we approach the winter solstice, the battle between darkness and light plays out in fullness in the northern hemisphere. Symbolically, the battle between despair and fear and light and hope plays out.

The last square is a crisis of consciousness, and the question might be looming: «Have the Gods left us?» Earth is a hard place to find peace for the time being, and perhaps it has always been so? The chances are that numerous generations before us also had a deep existential crisis. Maybe that is the battleground of earth, the very destiny of being human.

And being human is part of this unfolding cycle. Venus is in a square to Chiron, the Centaur that cannot be ignored. Currently resting on 11° Aries, it reveals the wound of standing alone, being in aloneness, and feeling the vulnerability that comes with this territory. It is very human to need each other, and as Ceres, the Great Mother, and nurturer, enters Libra, relationships are being questioned. Are they nurturing, or do we feel alone in this relationship? Mars is joining the choir, and our capacity to move forward might be blocked by the fear of standing alone.

The Sabian Symbol for the Chiron degree, A flock of wild geese, is worth mentioning as Chiron enters this zone for the third time. Birds are known to be a symbol of the contact between heaven and earth, spiritual enzymes for expanded consciousness. And even in their wilderness, these geese form a systematic pattern as they fly to their next resting place. This V-shape reminds us that there is a cosmic order. The geese show this natural order in nature to us. And above all, they reveal that our underlying need is freedom. Flying high above the details of mundane living. This quality can never be beaten down. It stays forever. Chiron often reminds us of our wounding, and when we put these two together, the wound of not being entirely free can surface.

Is there such a thing as freedom on earth? Being stuck in a body of limited time and with a constant need to survive, freedom might not be the first thing we think of when we think of being human. But deep inside the Soul, there is freedom, and the quest for the seeker is to reach the level of authenticity that makes one express, in freedom, our wants, and needs. Beyond manipulation.

The healing that this period reveals is one of finding a new way to express the awareness that has been rising since the New Moon. It is time to correct some patterns of relating. Mars is being pulled into the Chiron-Venus energy by aspect, and since the Warrior is retrograde, it slows down our impulsive nature and makes us take it a lot slower than we usually would. Instead of leaping into new adventures, we use our feet as extended eyes and ears, making sure that the ground we step on can hold us. The most intense experiences and potential wounds in life happen when we do not take time. When we leap, eager and hungry, into new territory, hoping that this might release us from the pain of separation and loneliness, we often wound ourselves more.

Right now, the planets are urging us to be mindful and precise in our actions, making sure that we walk with responsibility and awareness. The questions are: «Is this what you want?» or «What is it that you truly need?» Given a clean slate, would we draw out the same trauma bonding we did yesterday, or are we reaching a new format, a new awareness, and need to create something new, something we haven’t tried before?

The Sun resting at the Galactic Center will reveal so much for us. The veils are gone, and the capacity to see deeper is causing us to intuit that which was previously hidden. Whatever is being channeled is likely very vital and important information.

As the Sun crosses into Capricorn, our maturity comes under focus. In our quest for more freedom, we might find it ironic that we must commit even deeper to life. Some things are about to be corrected, and the impulse to outsource autonomy over our bodies, minds, and souls needs to be withdrawn. The enlightened human is fully aware of their shadows and capable of standing alone if required. The bonus of having someone to share life with might come. Or not. That is living life unconditionally and in freedom, coupled with the humility of knowing our own vulnerabilities and flaws.

Being human is the greatest paradox, so strong and so vulnerable at the same time. And we are here to live it. Perfect imperfection. You, me, and everybody.

Sol W Jonassen

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