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Waning Moon 26º Taurus August 18, 2022


〰️ Breaking Free 〰️

Mars is the energy that is now strongly activating the field of influence. The initiator, the masculine essence, willpower, instinct, determination, and raw force are a few of Mars’ qualities. In the last week of this lunar cycle, we will have Mars continuing in a tight square to the Sun even leading up to the New Moon in a week where Mars will once again, to the exact degree, be squaring the Sun for the New Moon event.

So, let’s understand what Mars could be saying in the last quarter square to the Sun. I hear things like “Wake up!” and “Something has got to give.” So, what is it in your life? What is that thing you know is ready to be released once and for all so that your new life (the one you have likely been dreaming and working towards) can finally have the full space to breathe into?

This transit represents major tension between that which needs to be broken away from and that which is ready to be fully embraced, acknowledged, and integrated into consciousness. It feels like the last crux of the moment of reckoning; breaking the chains that bind you and walking free. What will you once and for all cut the cords from?

It’s a transitional stage where we must, with eyes wide open, journey across the bridge, where all the awareness gained (throughout this entire lunar cycle) is the key to unlocking the necessary doors up head on your path. What have you learned? What lessons have become crystal clear?

With Mars, it is mainly about a test of will and alignment with personal desires. This has been the territory for a while now. Getting deeply in touch with our values and desires and that which needs to happen to be able to live them through. How capable are you of rising to what it takes to have what you desire? There is always something we must do or simply just be to arrive where it is we wish to.

Stand tall (or perhaps fall to your knees if necessary), but it is time to face the music. Dance once last dance with the devil if you must, but then let it go and move on! These are the Dark Moon days, so these days are potent for letting go of the old and freeing up plenty of loving space for all the sweetness yet to come!

As Mars moves into a new sign of Gemini and Venus now transiting through Leo, there is certainly an air of fun-loving joy and play to tap into! Gemini and Leo love a good time, and adventure is a must. It’s great energy to broaden your horizons and explore a new path as another season is just around the corner, setting the stage for yet another year’s end.

On August 23, the Sun will move out of Leo and enter Virgo, moving us into deeper realms of self-discovery, purpose, and healing. The School of Virgo teaches lessons on accuracy, precision, and the pure instinct and intuition of body wisdom. “The Devils in the details.” It is a phrase that essentially speaks of the importance of paying close attention because, in fact, the Divine is everywhere to be witnessed.

The square between Mars and the Sun moves from a square between the signs of Taurus and Leo to a square between the signs of Gemini and Virgo for the New Moon. The distinction lends to a transitional shift of awareness around being honest with deep needs, desires, and values to learn how to implement the next proper steps and the course of action that must now be followed. Essentially Virgo is all about getting clearer with who you are, what you want, and how you are going to get it!

Over this next month, life may feel hectic and very fast under these Mercurial ruled signs. Enjoy the ride!

Sincerely, Jessica

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