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Waning Moon 27º Aries July 20, 2022


〰️ Reconnect again 〰️

The last quarter Moon at 27°42 Aries fires up yet another Plutonian blast. Sometimes we might wonder what the Gods are up to creating all these transformative waves in the midst of summer vacation. The world is hotter than ever, and the symbolic connection to the Solar Plexus is not to be missed for the trained yogi. Solar Plexus is a power center. It is hot and fiery, and when out of balance, being confident relies on having worldly powers. Hence the insane situation of earth as people are grasping to hold power, play power games, and try to get their hands at as much as possible for themselves, manipulating others on their path. No wonder it is hot on earth!

You have probably felt your Solar Plexus energy when you felt low in confidence, and your heart started to open. The heart considers other people, cools down the heat, and the opened heart marks the difference between those who take the egoic path and those who opt for the spiritual path. The Ego needs to be aligned with a higher will for the latter group, and in the beginning, this sensitivity can point to a low level of personal confidence. How can you be both powerful and sensitive? This is a challenging paradox many seekers are trying to wrap their heads around.

And as Pluto, the planet of power, starts off this last quarter Moon cycle before the next New Moon, this theme is upfront and impossible to ignore. Any desires, obsessions, attachments, or manipulations will be felt and seen. The more mellow and gentle Mars and Venus positions will help us feel compassion for ourselves and for the people we have in our lives.

It might be hard to forgive, and divine timing informs us when the right time is there, and before that, there are layers and layers of emotions that need to be healed and loved.

Mercury, our beautiful traveler, is now in Leo, and he shows us what is to come. Leo’s deepest need is to feel confident. Without approval and applause. However, masquerade is always tempting. How nice is it to present ourselves to the world in our favorite outfit? When we feel great, and things are going our way. But, on the other hand, lying to get approval is the dark side of the coin. During this last quarter phase, the Sun will move into Leo on the 22nd, and the Moon is then in Taurus, marking a time of personal power and a need to shine.

Whatever went down inside us this summer and spring, now is the time to rise again. Feel the beautiful connection between the Solar Plexus Power and the Heart. Venus is still in a different sign than the Sun, so we might feel a slight sense of disconnectedness. If we are separated from a lover or the things we love, we might feel our confidence rising again as we remember that if anything is based on truth, it will return. True love as well. It works as a boomerang.

The feeling of disconnectedness is again portrayed in the Uranus-North Node combo, which will increase in strength over the next month. Maybe we feel that our prayers and needs haven’t been heard or met, or we think that the only way we can make anything work in our lives is by doing it ourselves. Isolation is the dark side of this particular transit, so it is advised to make sure that we are not taking for granted other people while we travel in the realms of the Hermit. If we tend to block out other people, the Sun in Leo can help us reconnect again. This time without losing our individual and authentic expression. Stay true to yourself!

Sol W Jonassen

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