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Waning Moon 29º Pisces June 21, 2022


〰️ Start anew 〰️

The last quarter Moon 29°46 Pisces-Gemini has a distinct feeling of release. The last quarter falls on the anaretic degree (29th), and together with this being a last quarter phase before the New Moon the 28th-29th (depending on whether you are in Europe, Asia, or the USA), there is a sense of confusion in the air. The inner world will be highly activated as we figure out a new path in life.

Any planet that falls on an anaretic degree heralds a particular uncertainty, and there can be some real trouble with decision-making. It does not help that Mercury, the trickster, is in Gemini, working through multiple choices, reaching out for advice left and right, and generally is struggling to see the forest and not just the trees.

The Moon is in Pisces, fresh out of a conjunction with Neptune, bringing another factor of confusion, not knowing where to draw the line. Add that to the general understanding that the last quarter phase is about the dissolution of previous ideas, which can cause a crisis of consciousness. So this period begins with a feeling of being embedded in fog.

However, if we manage to stretch our limited understanding to the realm of spirituality, the light of insight can reveal itself and give a deep feeling of gratitude. Maybe we see now that whatever life has served, we are making lemonade. And the essence of our being is clearer than ever, even if the world around us is not up to speed.

Saturn is retrograde, so even if the Nodal Axis has shifted from 22° Scorpio to 21°, Saturn is well within orb and will continue to chant his message of the need to walk the talk. Integration, integrity, responsibility, realignment, and duty are his most profound messages. And perhaps now, with all that is dissolving, we understand what we carry deep in our psyche, which keeps us in a repetitive loop. To fathom correct authority, correct responsibility, and the words that bind is often where the hard lessons are.

So if ideals inform us to shoulder that which is not ours to carry or we see that residue of conditioned guilt is holding us back, now is the chance to shed that set of moral direction to the benefit of one that is more oriented toward tenderness and care.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, we focus on our most basic needs. All people need to feel safe and secure in order to be who they are, and the Nodal Axis-Saturn mojo urges us to say it out loud without adding a layer of shame to it. Being a human means that we are real, we are here. We are not things, objects, or someone who is supposed to please, and being humble does not mean that we have to step down from our own needs. Instead, it means we listen to them and are humble toward ourselves. Through Cancer, we get to embrace these fundamental needs. Right now, in the name of health and in order to keep balance and resources flowing, we need to put ourselves first.

To be willing to feel ourselves as we are, without filters and suppression, is important if we want to know our basic needs. If we have felt drained and depleted, it might be because of this. The cup needs to be filled again, so now is the time to reach out and receive. From family, the friends that are family or in our deep, intimate relationships.

This is the embodiment of the whole. You are letting go in order to start anew.

Sol W Jonassen

Sol will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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