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Waning Moon at 05º Scorpio Jan 25, 2022


〰️ Time to shed 〰️

The last week of the lunar cycle, when the Moon is waning towards its invisible face, carries that special nuanced vibe of darkening. It’s a deepening into the depths of the unconscious psyche where stillness and chaos collide. The Dark Moon days call us inward with a whisper of retreat. A beckoning to pause and assimilate all that has come; an invitation to take a moment and digest your experiences. You will need the nutrition gained for the next phase as we continue to cycle through this life. From one level, one stage, one season to the next.

As Nature makes its passages, so do we. Through rites and riddles, we release and gain treasures to take along the way. A continual (cyclical) process of give and take, of release and gain, of death and rebirth, with renewal always just on the other side.

As the Last Quarter Moon leads us into the final days of the Moon’s light, it is a reminder that for us also it is a time to shed. But lest it not be first without confrontation!

This week will be highlighted by the wave created by Mercury Retrograde joining Pluto (for the 2nd pass, the first being the days surrounding December 29, 2021, and the 3rd and final on February 11, 2022 – retrogrades go back and forth over one area).

Mercury is all about communication and conceptual perspective, and Pluto (Hades) represents the depths of the psyche and that which penetrates and jars at the soul. We can expect to experience moments where the mind is engaged in confrontational conversations, sparring with some potential demons, and digging up the past, as we have now been led to the Gates of the Underworld.

The “underworld” has been defined as “the mythical abode of the dead.” Which I find very apropos to this retrograde time of both Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, as we are indeed being ushered down into old and graveyard like territory (within ourselves) to tend to and dance with skeletons and monsters alike that once had a part in the constructing of our mythos, of our identities, our attachments, our scars, and our suffering.

There are times when we must return to the memories and the makings of yesterdays to recount and reclaim what was lost, to give meaning and purpose to today. We are in that cycle, a phase of rebirth and reidentification with who we are, but first, we must go through the process. For some, it may even feel like an initiation. A time finally arrived to that tests you to your core and returns you different from how you first entered. Strengthened, liberated, renewed, and revived at having gone through the ultimate of death herself! Simply said, we are being called to let go of some of our deepest attachments and ways of being so a higher potential can be manifested.

Mars enters Capricorn this week, joining the Capricorn party. Over this next month, it will gradually be making its way to its biennial reunion to the exact placement of his Queen – Venus. A joining of the masculine and feminine, a re-union in love and attraction.

In all the ways that we can feel at odds with ourselves and each other, this aspect represents the ways in which we can feel in harmony with ourselves and others, how we can feel alignment and perfect resonance and harmonic synastry. Yet again, we’ll find it is a process. Of getting there, being there, and then letting go into what’s next. Over the following weeks, we are working on getting there and being there – in love and harmony with ourselves and others, joining forces, connecting.
It’s a time of recognizing what is not working, letting go, and making space for what is truly in your heart that you want to be with and spend time on.

Mars is now in a closing cycle to Venus and will begin a brand-new cycle – of desire, intention, and love on the level of what is most personal and dear to each of us.

Right after Valentine’s Day is the reset point. The day of celebrating love and the people we share it with goes out with a bang as Mars then leaves his Queens side, after all the merging and bonding in unity, to once again experience the separation into the Self, with always the promise of return, back to union.

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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