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Waning Moon at 11º Pisces June 2, 2021

by Jessica Dawn

〰️ In Between Eclipses 〰️

This week we move through the last week of the lunar cycle. It is a culmination point where we begin to consolidate our resources based on what we have gained during this cycle and prepare for a new phase to start on the upcoming New Moon. “If you consolidate something that you have, for example, power or success, you strengthen it so that it becomes more effective or secure.”

The Full Moon is a natural crescendo point that tends to express a peak or an intensity in our lives while then shifting into a natural culmination as the waning phase begins to lend way to a reveal around what the entire cycle has brought forth. This is the week of the “reveal,” where after the harvest and the feast, we are naturally escorted into contemplation as we digest and integrate all that we have become.

It’s about becoming aware of what we’ve learned during the whole cycle and, therefore, what we’ve gained. It is about making the necessary adjustments to let go of what is no longer needed to carry forward into the next phase. It asks us to allow space for the newfound revelations and inspirations to begin to take root.

It is the composting and clearing phase that comes before the new seed planting phase. This week revels in the value of taking the time after the harvest to clear the space and prepare the soil to become nourishing and fertile ground for new seeds to come forth alongside the waxing New Moon.

At the end of this week, we will reach the Dark Moon phase, where the void of darkness (that which enters the moment before all rebirths) consumes us and then releases us – into the “reset” where we are renewed once again to start over, fresh with a clean slate of budding potential before us.

As we are currently at the midpoint in-between a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a New Moon Solar Eclipse, consequently, the stakes can feel a bit larger in each of our lives. The intensity and lessons grander, and the efforts required are all the more demanding. Thus is the nature of the Eclipse Season to usher us into magnificent new phases of our own lives.

The current themes being highlighted are focused on communication within our most personal relationships and dealing with the more fated (deeper soul) topics that will essentially shift the trajectory and direction of our lives. As well as reevaluating where we stand regarding our most personal beliefs, values, and “truths.”

As the eclipses are currently moving through the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and we also have a Retrograde Mercury in Gemini (for the next three weeks), sharing and getting clearer with our opinions and ideas for the life and world we would like to be living in are some of the major discussion points airing out our minds these days!

Venus ingresses into Cancer

As Venus changes signs this week (leaving Gemini and entering Cancer), getting deeper into the heart of the matter and reaching into the more vulnerable sensitive parts of ourselves and each other is where Venus in Cancer leads us.

Moving out of the mind and into the heart can soften us towards each other and ourselves and allow for connections and opportunities that may not be possible without creating a safe and inviting space. Venus in Cancer has a focus on healing, nurturing, and just plain loving. It’s the home, the hearth, the heart, and the family.

It’s the deeper bonds and meaningful moments that tug at our heartstrings, are never forgotten, and change us for the better. It’s the heart open, the arms open, and the doors always open kind of feelings where you know you can go to surrender and feel at home.

May we all be welcomed home with open arms, in our own way, and our own lives.

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for members of the New Paradigm Astrology community. It is a group of folks deeply interested in using the wisdom of the stars to guide and illuminate their lives.

We invite you to join us as we discover our greatest potentials, revealed through our unique personal soul maps, which are perhaps now lying dormant in our souls’ recesses, to rebirth ourselves through these times and co-create a new reality with love as the foundation stone.


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