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Waning Moon at 15° 42′ Sagittarius Mar 5, 2021

This next week’s cycle brings us through the Last Quarter Moon Phase, into the Dark Moon, leading to our next New Moon – in Pisces on March 13th. Culmination and closure. Where in your life is this occurring?
The waning half-moon is the last week of the lunar cycle before we begin anew once again, and it always signifies the “Crisis in Consciousness” stage.

It is here that we meet at the crossroads within our psyche. It is a place of inevitable division between one path or another, and we must choose which to move forward on.

We’re getting ready to clear the stage for the next act (New Moon on the 13th), so now is the time (this last week) to decide what is staying for more of the show and what needs to be left in the past. “Crisis in Consciousness” implies a need to look at one’s way of seeing, perceiving, interpreting, and understanding what is going on in one’s life. It’s about awareness and what could potentially be adjusted or shifted to reshape the course of one’s direction. Hence, the symbology of the “crossroads” and at this place, a choice must be made to proceed.

Is there some way of being or thinking that could potentially be holding you back? If so, what steps could you take to resolve this or heal so that you can shift into a higher perspective that could essentially lead you further along towards your goals and dreams?

As we reach mid-week, our relationships and “love-life” take literal center stage, as Venus in Pisces comes into its rare (about once a year) square (mid-point) to the North and South Node of the Moon – the symbols of the past and the future.

These days, it may seem like intimate relationship issues take up a lot of space in our lives. That’s because as far as the cosmic dance goes, it’s Venus’ turn to show up with some powerful lessons on love, money, and just living in this physical Earth experience! It’s dense and complicated, mixed with opportunities for lightness and ease! Learning to make the best of it is a significant part of the lesson.

This week calls out a strong command to make amends and find resolution with that “thing” that has been holding you back or standing in your way regarding your heart-space and living in more love and happiness.

Whatever it is in your life, it certainly has to do with the deep past, and in the healing of it can be found that sweet spot, that life force that can set you free to move gracefully into your highest destiny.

In Pisces, we can easily be pulled into the depths, the extreme vulnerabilities, the traumas and dramas, the victimization, the addictions and escapism, and the weak, scared, naïve, defeated aspects of self. Holy, that’s a lot to go up against! Pisces contains “all that is,” and Life as a whole is pretty full-on! However, we are mostly equipped to handle it. We are mostly blessed with resources and people to connect with and to help to support us. We are mostly aware of how to survive and how not to get sucked into the deep sea of life. To not drown in the suffering, but rather to gain perspective of the greater vision and the higher potentials available through it. We are the creators, and this world the canvas. Pisces reminds us to be the Dreamer.

This is a week where many may be tempted to get swept away and lost in it and then found, hopefully in the tragic grace of it all.

By the end of the week, the Dark Moon in Aquarius meeting with Jupiter and Mercury should grant epic insights and “aha” moments into what the bleep this has all been about and what’s next to do and be in each of our lives. Trauma patterns are highlighted for yet another level of recognition and healing if possible. Let go. Let go. Let go. Exhale. A higher perspective is on the other side.

As the Pisces New Moon moves in closer, find your happy place, the healthier, the better ;) Breath in, sink in, surrender to it, float upon it as if it was the river of life itself leading you closer to all that you dream of. Be in the love and be the love that you so desire.

With love,
Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for members of the New Paradigm Astrology community. It is a group of folks deeply interested in using the wisdom of the stars to guide and illuminate their lives.

We invite you to join us as we discover our greatest potentials, revealed through our unique personal soul maps, which are perhaps now lying dormant in our souls’ recesses, to rebirth ourselves through these times and co-create a new reality with love as the foundation stone.


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