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Waning Moon at 5º Cancer Sep 28, 2021

by Jessica Dawn

〰️ Fare thee well to the crippling presence of Virgo! 〰️

Entering the last week of this lunar cycle, we have now come out of the severity of the Virgo Season. Virgo is never easy on us! It’s an Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury – it’s mentally sharp and sensually in tune by nature. Virgo holds the scepter of discernment. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Virgo times put a critical eye and emphasis on the minutiae. Virgo’s energy shows up with an exceptional presence and focus. Riddled with critique and judgment, Virgo plays the incriminator better than most. With their high perception and innate knack for details, they are slaves to the nuances in life that most people pass by all together! A firm belief in the premise behind the saying, “If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”

It’s not easy to face our inadequacies and our flaws. It’s often tough for even the most emotionally aware of us to admit when we have done wrong and to see or make changes to our faults. The fear of rejection and persecution is strong in most people, and humility and forgiveness are virtues gained by wisdom and given in innocence.

Shame is the right-hand man to the Virgo archetype. Shame taps us into the feelings of what it feels like to fall from grace. To be less than; our potential, our intentions, our worth. Shame is a difficult emotion to feel. Most of us avoid giving it any real presence like the plague. As if to even feel it makes us unworthy. As if we could deny it out of our own existence even though it lives and breathes naturally within us all as a natural self-correcting mechanism to preserve innocence itself.

This past cycle has very much been about confrontations where the chaos in some area/s in your life are getting/have gotten out of control. It’s been about making corrections to remedy the problems and find a state of well-being before the chaos itself threatens to swallow you up and spit you out in some existential field of regret and deep shame. And I’m not talking about the shame in doing something horrendous. I’m speaking on the little bits accumulated each time we let ourselves or another down in a way that is hurtful, disrespectful, insulting, and inconsiderate.

The axis of Virgo/Pisces is all about the lessons of what it is to be human and the difficulties therein. It is about the endless task of self-improvement and self-awareness. It is about humility, forgiveness, compassion, and innocence of being.

As Virgo knows best, that which is neglected is fated to the realms of chaos. Virgo times are quick to show us exactly what has reached a peak of being out of control and how, in the imbalance, there is the very necessity of regaining a sense of order and structure as simply a matter of health and well-being. Neurosis thrives in chaos and neglect. Loving presence heals.  

Indeed, Virgo is all about healing and well-being. It is also a sweet and loving energy. They are often selfless and devoted to a fault, and yet a fierce purpose drives them to correct and improve what is “wrong,” and so this energy can come in like a thorn in your side. Because who has time for endless self-improvement? And yet, Virgo’s very nature is a reminder of our mortality, and that time itself is precious, don’t waste it, and make the best of it! 

So, as we begin to move on from this phase that has been mainly about crisis and resolution, and as we are being released into the Libra Season, what’s coming to the forefront from out of self-reflection and correction is the awareness of how we affect others.The self-awareness function in Virgo is a bridge that leads us towards the process of relating that we find in Libra. 

As we currently have Mars traveling with the Sun in Libra for another month, it’s a time where our instincts to connect and relate are fueled by the great star itself – our Sun.  

Making sense of our relationships and how we relate is the theme for the next couple of months. Codependence, independence, interdependence, cocreation, autonomy, inner authority, and interrelating are all lessons we learn in the realms of partnership. How we participate, how we show up, what we experience, and what we accept it’s all a matter of perspective.  

However, as we know, life and relationships get really complicated when we join perspectives. For even the most loving of partnerships, perspective serves constant challenges. As we journey further into the Libra and Scorpio Seasons, finding peace, harmony, and grace while dealing with our differences and conflicts is the most crucial key to embodying the growth opportunities here for us. 

Libra is about balancing the polarities. Between the masculine and feminine, the masculine’s role is to exercise right judgment and proper discernment for the good of all. To create solid containers and hold space for the feminine aspects of radiance, flow, and grace to flourish. The masculine power to provide serves the feminine power to nurture. And together, they are everything that is needed. 

In relationships these days, we can observe a gross corruption of the natural instincts of the masculine and feminine as witnessed in emasculated men dynamics and heavily masculinized women as a way of defensively responding to the imbalance itself. The war between the sexes still exists among us… after all these centuries. Same story, different face. We are at another moment in the cosmic karmic wheel where these very issues are coming to the forefront of consciousness to be resolved. 

Libra loves to play in the field of extreme dichotomy. From out of the extremes into balance and harmony is how Libra earns its reputation for being so darn charming with its intelligence! Libra’s have seen the dark side, although they would rather not admit it (that is Scorpio’s job)!   

Regardless of whether we are male or female or how we relate to the gender spectrum, we can use the masculine essence within to create a strong container for ourselves and hold space. To then allow the feminine essence to flow freely in vulnerability – to feel, as both are needed to access the place of the heart – man or woman, or they or them.

Welcome to Libra Season! Hail the realm of partnerships!

Blessed Dark Moon days!
Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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