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Waning Moon at 5º Sag Feb 23, 2022


〰️ Group Responsability 〰️

The 270° Square of the Moon to the Sun, heralding the final week of the lunar cycle, is the culmination of what was begun three weeks ago at the new Moon, giving way to a decline in preparation for the new cycle starting with the upcoming new Moon. In this case, the new Moon will occur on March second with the Sun and Moon both conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Saturn, and Venus/Mars/Pluto all conjunct!

So, this week is not only the close of this month’s lunar cycle, but the close of a great number of cycle’s all occurring simultaneously. The closing phase of a cycle always deals with the socialization of the individual impulse seeded at the beginning of the cycle, and further, the stepping out and away from past social pressures to liberate ourselves in preparation for genuinely serving the collective from an enlightened personal understanding. It is often experienced as chaotic and confusing when old systems of support no longer work and new ones are not yet built.

Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the Sabian symbol for this third Quarter Moon is amazingly reflective of what our current situation is and calls for (Pisces 6°): A Parade of Army Officers in Full Dress

“Keynote: The dedication of human beings to the service of the community and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large.

Here we see at work the emotion-rousing appeal of social activities that demand the individual’s surrendering of his personal way of life, opinions, and comfort. The socializing process is pictured in all its intensity but what is implied even more is the support that the socialized person can expect from the collectivity if he is ready to act and sacrifice himself for the nation or the group. The keyword is GROUP-RESPONSIBILITY.”

We are most definitely seeing Army Officers (and police) in full dress, but unfortunately, it is not a parade. Whether they are “emotionally sustained by the people at large” is another question as the bought and biased mainstream media does not relate the actual reality concerning demonstrations, numbers, medical science, politics, and a host of other events occurring worldwide. We are all experiencing the end of a way in which life used to work/be, yet are purposefully being confused, misled, lied to, and manipulated by some powerful external authorities (Pluto in Capricorn 2008 – 2024). This makes the remainder of Dane’s interpretation subject to modification.

This last new Moon began in the sign of Aquarius. The sign of liberation, individualization, freedom from the known, rebellion, and revolution in order to evolve a new, more enlightened society.

When society has virtually been highjacked by an elite few who are using force to implement their agenda and a manipulated media to misinform the collective, “group-responsibility” takes on a whole different character. In that case, ‘sacrificing yourself for the nation or the group’ is accomplished not by joining the army officers (and other officials) enforcing unjust mandates, laws, rules, and restrictions but rather confronting them.

In our time, “the surrendering by the individual of his personal way of life, his opinions, and his comfort,” hopefully looks more like joining truckers, demonstrating in the streets, writing and challenging elected officials, store managers, and family members, in an attempt to bring sanity back into the hearts and minds of the population. So yes, this is an uncomfortable week, personally and socially.

We are on a river headed toward a waterfall, and the speed of the current is increasing. We feel it, and there is a disturbing lack of control.

This week is a serious, sober, and unsettling as the Moon moves through Capricorn and Aquarius (both ruled by Saturn) before joining the Sun in Pisces, and Mercury comes to conjunct Saturn. As you can see from the chart of this Moon, there is a “council of planets” in the last three signs of the zodiac heralding the closure of longstanding beliefs (Sag), institutions (Cap), and political, corporate, and scientific organizations in preparation for a new planet earth. Unfortunately, we are still at the very onset of this transition, and the forces of resistance to it are strong.

During these times, we need to strengthen our resolve from within in order to meet the demands of the time which require some self-sacrifice of our comfort for the good, not only of our current loved ones and society, but the future generations and our home planet herself. Newton’s first law of motion states that every object (or in this case “reality”) will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. In astrology, these external forces can be earthly (governments/police/etc. = Capricorn), enlightened (science, extra-terrestrial, genius, AI = Aquarius), or spiritual (Source/love/grace/salvation = Pisces).

It is really up to us as individuals to determine which of these three levels of “external force” will get us moving. Let this week be a time not to be intimidated by earthly external forces but spiritually motivated by internal connection to Source.

So, this week we may feel victimized or martyred, or we may be motivated by spiritual forces from within and galvanized into conscious self-sacrifice for the good of the whole. As so many aspects of our lives sink like the Titanic we need to hold onto only the essential as we jump ship rather than go down. The removal of anything not in alignment with our soul’s intention will be occurring in the realm of Venus (love relationships, money, currency, and possessions) and Mars (life direction, purpose, health/energy) as they approach Pluto. Yet, with a positive outlook born of inwardly experiencing the wonder and power of love, together we are more than the sum of ourselves individually. Gathering with like-minded brothers and sisters engaging in ceremony, ritual, dance, and prayer will help feed the fires within that empower us to make the necessary changes and sacrifices that Spirit is now asking of us. Defying all manner of social distancing, let’s co-create new groups to form not a “subculture” but a “highculture” that will seed a heightened future society.

So Much Love,

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