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Waning Moon in Aries July 1, 2021

by Sol W Jonassen

〰️ Self-worth 〰️

So much planetary activity is in motion. The deeper theme is self-worth and liberation from known and worn-out reactive patterns. Be the change, create according to your values.

The last quarter Moon begins with a bang! Not a vocalized one. Quite the contrary, a somewhat muffled one. Mars triggering the square between Saturn and Uranus reveals how well leadership is working, and anything that smells of force will awaken the inner rebel. That is why bad leadership, or dominance, always breeds resentment. A good leader empowers others, not feeds on them. And the emotionality that is the result of empty leadership wrecks havoc on any relationship.

Good leaders provide security, install self-worth in others, and heal co-dependency.

If there is a lack of masculine energy readily available in any individual, we get a lack of security in our own lives. Mars is the soldier, Saturn is the General and Uranus is the Liberator. We only need liberation if we are caught up in slavery. The systematic abuse of people is one thing, the co-dependencies of our relationships another. They are two aspects of the same lack, the lack of authentic leadership. A good leader creates leaders. A leader is created.

With this t-square and the Moon kicking off the last quarter phase in Aries, we might end up feeling constricted, restrained, or held back. Frustrations or even anger might arise, but seeing as both Uranus and Saturn are quite capable of holding a certain cool distance to emotional drama, this might all be internalized. Nevertheless, stress and clenched jaws could be the result.

On another note, Saturn-Mars is widely known for putting too much pressure on an individual. Working hard without listening to the body. This again is bad leadership as it also pertains to personal management. Do not overdo it. Saying yes is easy. Saying no is much more difficult. The aftermath of the previous week’s tension might be one of exhaustion. Do what you have to and say no to anything else. Your priorities are essential. Figure out what is most important and try to avoid stretching yourself thin. The body will have to take the consequence of your lack of leadership.

As Venus has begun her journey toward opposing Saturn, our relationships are ready for an evaluation. Are they in alignment with your true values? Are you feeling seen, nourished, and appreciated? Is it based on equality, or is the power balance between you and another out of alignment?

A relationship that stands the test of time is one where mutual respect is upheld. Saturn asks us to work for results, also in our relationships. What we give is what we get. Uranus is in the mix, working deep into Taurus and helping us to be capable of appreciating ourselves.༶

This is a week of self-worth work. Find out what you bring to the table, your values, and what you have to offer in any relation. To be seen is to be visible, but first, you have to see yourself and the grand beauty your carry inside.

Sol W Jonassen

Sol will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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