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Waning Moon in Leo Nov 8, 2020

The fourth, or last, quarter phase of the lunar cycle begins with the waning Moon forming a 270° square to the Sun (1/2 Moon in the night sky), and, over a week, closing the cycle from 270° – 360°. It is a time of realizing the fruits of what started at the beginning of the cycle (23° Libra 53’ on October 16) and preparing for the next cycle to come.

The 270° square has been coined as a “crisis in consciousness,” as what “goes around, comes around.” The feelings, needs, and events of this last week of the cycle are dependent upon how well the conscious ego-mind has been attuned to the unconscious soul intentions. Attunement will lead to honors, award, recognition, and success, while a lack of attunement, timing, or understanding will result in a poor outcome. This new Moon began in Libra, the sign of relationship, justice (equality and laws assuring), harmony, and mediation leading to win-win solutions.

Mercury has been retrograde from the beginning of this cycle, just turning direct Tuesday, November 3. Mars has also been retrograde this entire time and will only go direct with the new Moon on the 15th. Both of these planets retrograde during a Libra Moon cycle point to the need for us to strengthen, maintain, and communicate our own personal needs and desires to maintain healthy relationships. This is emphasized even more this week as Venus (feminine/closeness) opposes Mars (masculine/freedom). Maintaining personal freedom without compromising (to put it nicely) our relationships is the path toward mastery both this month and next. The upcoming new Moon cycle beginning in Scorpio will take off (or not) from the runway we have created (or not) this month. We may all breathe a sigh of relief as both Mercury and Mars will be direct at the start of our next lunar cycle.

If balancing our relationships, both personal and business is not challenging enough by itself, the Aries/Libra relationship axis is also getting “pounded” by the Capricorn stellium. This symbolizes the need for both ourselves and our relationships to meet a social need, play a social role, and deal with demands, limitations, and responsibilities put upon us by external authorities, institutions, and society. When the boar is sinking, or the house is on fire, it’s not the time to be arguing and fighting as you need to work together against outside forces. This puts even more pressure on our relationships.

In addition, there has been so much happening on the world stage and in the media that it can serve to throw us off balance, neglecting our personal lives, and fostering feelings of disconnection, depression, and disillusionment. We may find that we don’t hold the same beliefs, political opinions, values, and attitudes concerning the host of challenges and decisions we need to make these days. We must be on the same page, or at least open and respectful of our differences. This all takes time, conversation, and desire, all of which may be in short supply as we deal with the external crisis. Hopefully, we have been working to strengthen ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually through this month, so we receive rewards for our efforts in the form of strong, healthy relationships wherein all parties involved support and further the goals of the individuals involved.

The Moon will pass from Leo into Virgo, Libra, and finally, Scorpio from Sunday to Sunday. You’ll want to keep an eye on the houses and planetary aspects that she makes while doing so. The Sun will be moving from 16°-23° Scorpio, symbolizing a time of transformation resulting from intensely working with (or against) others to identify and fulfill core needs or lose (let go of) needs, desires, and relationships that are no longer serving our soul growth. This is a time when struggles over power, money, sex, influence, and even life itself, force us to dig deeper within ourselves for the strength, will, and determination to invest more of ourselves in what is “working,” or give it up. It’s a time of emotional insecurity as we face people and conditions that we cannot control yet need to cope/coexist with. Strengthening our spiritual practice, which deepens our self/soul awareness, will help us identify our deepest evolutionary intentions during this period, helping soothe, calm, and strengthen our resolve.

I will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for members of the New Paradigm Astrology community. It is a group of folks deeply interested in using the wisdom of the stars to guide and illuminate their lives. I invite you to join us as we discover our greatest potentials, revealed through our unique personal soul maps, which are perhaps now lying dormant in our souls’ recesses, to rebirth ourselves through these times and co-create a new reality with love as the foundation stone.


So Much Love,


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