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Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses:
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An eclipse occurs when one celestial body obscures another (comes into a direct alignment such that one is blocked from view). The term is most often applied to the Sun (solar eclipse) and Moon (lunar eclipse) when they cross the nodes of the Moon twice each year. 

This year, on October 25th, the new Moon will form a partial solar eclipse (when she comes between the earth and the Sun) at 2° ♏︎ 00’. That will be followed by a total lunar eclipse (when the earth comes between the Sun and the full Moon) on November 8th, at 16° ♉︎ 01’.


Traditionally, eclipses have been regarded as unfavorable, having a malefic effect on the planet or area of the horoscope in which they fall. As one of the luminaries (lights) is blocked by the other, unexpected energies are released.

This “eclipse season” heralds a period of dramatic change where the past must be repudiated as the solar will forcefully pushes onward toward new horizons. It is a whole month of concentrated vital activity.

These eclipses will be felt most profoundly if they fall upon a planet or strong personal point in your natal horoscope.

This webinar will help you understand what eclipses are, where they fall in your chart, and what they mean for you personally and for the world at large. Kaypacha and five other astrologers will cover a different aspect of what these eclipses are heralding and take participants’ questions at the end.

Eclipses can create disruption. Now is the time to leap into new territory.

What you’ll learn

  • What are eclipses and how to find them on your chart
    Brandy Joy

    Brandy Joy will walk you through how to pull your astrology transits to see the eclipses in your chart. She explains why eclipse season is important in astrology and the difference between solar and lunar eclipses.

  • Trauma and embodiment
    Sol W Jonassen

    The transiting nodes are a lens for the collective emotional unfoldment, and the south node operates as our collective «shadow healing» whereas the north node is the healing point. With Scorpio/Taurus, we are all recovering from trauma, reaching out to find peace and stability. Sol discusses the healing that is at work with these eclipses.

  • Love and relationship
    Jessica Dawn

    Taurus/Scorpio as the relationship axis of deep love for self and others. Jessica takes us on a journey looking at the relationship dynamic between the eclipse in aspect with other planets.

  • Taking the eclipse through the houses
    Gonca Kalabalik

    Taurus/Scorpio axis helps us to discover inner gems we’ve forgotten. Gonca takes this eclipse axis through the houses to hear the voice that guides us deeper in our psyche and body, get the best from this energy, and rise again.

  • Solar eclipse and the Venus Star connection
    Julija Simas

    The solar eclipse at 2°Scorpio closely follows one of 5 Venus/Sun Star Points, occurring two days earlier at 29° Libra, for the first time in our lives. What does this show us about our lives and a world in great transition as we work to revalue and redesign our world?

  • The big picture, world condition, and future predictions

    Kaypacha discusses the relevance of these eclipses to global financial and governmental changes. He looks at what past and future transits play into the Scorpio/Taurus eclipses, what lies ahead, and how we can best be prepared.

Your Hosts


Jessica has been a professional Evolutionary Astrologer for nearly two decades and the author of the “Soul Map ~ A Personalized Astro Journal and Birthday Book.”
She began her Evolutionary Astrology journey in 2004, learning directly with Jeffery Wolf Green while simultaneously apprenticing with Steven Forrest. templesofthemoon.com


Kaypacha first began the study of astrology over forty years ago.
Since then, he has explored the synchronistic relationship between the cosmos and earthly phenomena and our internal human experience of Self/Soul, assisting individuals who seek to spread awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom. about/kaypacha.com


Brandy is an esoteric teacher who works with those on the path to awakening their spiritual gifts and understanding their soul journey
through High Magic practices, the study of the Tarot, and Evolutionary Astrology. Brandy holds a BA in psychology and a master’s in communication.


Gonca is a psychologist on a spiritual path for the last 11 years.
She offers Evolutionary chart reading and holistic counseling sessions combining spiritual psychology, yoga, evolutionary astrology, and functional medicine. Her passion is to help people to discover their potential and be their best selves. goncakalabalik.com


Sol has practiced astrology and healing since she was a teenager. She has had the privilege of working with people all over this beautiful planet—individuals with great inner resources and talents who want to develop and heal.
Sol offers healing perspectives in any situation, be it love, work, or self-exploration.


Julija Simas started the C*I*A with the grand idea that the world needs unity, a great vision, and a plan.
In its own small way, Julija hopes the C*I*A can contribute to raising consciousness, global awareness, unified thought, and a better world through the fascinating world of Astrology.

Find out what areas of your life will be affected and what positive changes you can initiate to learn, grow, and evolve the most.

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