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If you know astrology, you can see from our birth chart above that we elected an extremely potent time to launch our new website! If you don’t, let me share some of what it says to me (only some as it says tons).

First, we can see that this is a powerful turning point in the whole history of modern times. The south node of the Moon sandwiched by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (for most of 2019) indicates this time as deeply challenging on many levels; physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. It heralds the ending of thousands of years of male dominated, hierarchical, social, cultural, and religious conditioning, and these old habits/attitudes do not change easily! This is a time when the last gasping breaths and power grabs of the old beast burst forth as it clings to what was by tightening its control, restricting freedom, and holding on for dear life to the material goods/power that it has managed to build up over centuries. Indeed, these are dark times on many fronts that can affect each of us subliminally if not consciously.

Within this time-period of massive transition, however, you may also note the exact grand trine in the fire signs of the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter! The fire signs signal new beginnings, light, and creative enterprise. The grand trine configuration signals that both luminaries are in full cooperation and support of Jupiter’s expansion of consciousness and his eternal quest for meaning, purpose, and truth (Sagittarius). Venus, Lilith, and Mercury are bringing forth the wisdom teachings of Jupiter as they approach the 0 degree Aries point, and are in the first quarter square indicating the time is now to break old patterns, limiting core beliefs, teach, share, and heal the wounds of the feminine (and masculine) actively.

We can see the exact Yod (finger of god aspect) formed by the Moon, Lilith/Venus, and Pluto. To me this indicates a website, community, and teachings that are powerful medicine for delving deep into the emotional, sensual, realm of the human heart and merging these with the light and love of conscious creation, both within ourselves and in the outside world. Indeed, with Chiron, the wounded healer, starting off on his new journey through the signs, this powerful healer/teacher (conjunct Mercury the messenger of the gods) shows that this time, this website, and this work, can all serve to rebuild, rejuvenate, and re-empower a healthy, virile, divine masculine. This, in turn, can serve to repair the damage done by the old, greed-driven, violent, insecure, selfish and profane masculine images/idols of the past.

The chart illustrates that the future lies with both the Pluto polarity point and the north node of the Moon in Cancer (ruled by the Moon herself). During these times, our personal and collective evolution will occur through the inward feeling realms, intuiting from a gut level, and creating safe, nurturing spaces in our hearts and world for the young, vulnerable, innocent, and new. In some ways, I see it as a mature return to innocence! It is the responsible duty of us as elders and wisdom keepers to maintain, support, and nourish a beautiful, healthy, planet with cultural values that include sensitivity and caring to provide future generations with the opportunities, gifts, and joy of a loving social system and pristine planet earth.

It is my sincere hope that this website, community, teachings and teachers, bring the ancient wisdom of astrology, kundalini yoga, meditation, and more to life in an accessible, inspirational, exciting and loving way. Our desire is to instill an ever-growing wonder, awe, and liberation by revealing the mysteries inherent in Life. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to serve this purpose.

As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within

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