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Welcome to the Solstice Eclipse Season of 2020

A partial Lunar Eclipse at the 16th degree of Sagittarius on June

A total Solar Eclipse at the 1st degree of Cancer on June 20/21

A partial Lunar Eclipse at the 14th degree of Capricorn on July

This eclipse season is a potent time for both personal and collective transformation. I’m grateful to share about these momentous events on three different platforms, Transforming Uncertainty Into Action, The Heart and Mind Festival, and The Soulstice Spirit Festival. Astrology can serve to help us in many different ways as we navigate these intense times of transformation. By knowing ourselves, our Soul intentions and purposes, we can more easily remain centered in our truth and contribute to the well being of those we love.

In addition to presenting in these online events, I have created a 90-minute video that discusses the Sabian Symbols associated with these eclipses and also takes them through the 12 houses of your birth chart, to help you personalize the energies of these times. That video can found by clicking HERE.


The uncertainty of this time can be disempowering and paralyzing for many. Yet, there is an opportunity to grow a higher capacity for clarity, strength, and purposeful action. This speaker series aims to bring a better understanding of our context from multiple perspectives so we can play our part in remembering and redefining our role on Earth. The series began with Alex Grey on June 1, and it will include Charles Eisenstein, Marianne Williamson, Daniel Pinchbeck, myself, and others.

This series will extend beyond July 18. I will be presenting on June 20. For further information and to register please click HERE.


A 4-day assembly of global indigenous leaders, world-renowned musicians, and spiritual practices. Each session will feature a leader from a sacred tradition sharing their current worldview as well as a musical performance, and a spiritual practice centered around finding peace within.

June 23 – June 26, 2 – 5 PM EDT. For further information and to register please click HERE.


3 Sundays of incredible online events around the Summer Solstice! Our festival begins on the summer solstice, which this year especially falls on the New Moon Solar Eclipse, and closes on the Full Moon. This sets the potent themes and intentions of this festival. These themes will be celebrated with inspirational talks, yoga, qi gong, music, dance, meditations, and ceremony.

Sunday, June 21 / Sunday, June 28 / Sunday, July 5. For further info and to register to click HERE.


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