animal representation of Kaypacha is cougarI've gotten a few inquires as to this new name, Kaypacha, so I'll put it out there that I received it from Mother Giamvati down at Matri Sadan in Brazil. It came through her in the middle of an ayahuasca sacred ceremony, and I feel it is part of a re-birth experience that I went through. She told me that it meant "master of the world of the senses." It later came to light through my chart reading that I had much worldly power in previous lives and "caved in" a bit to the sensuous pleasures so I have come back again to master them! No small task ha ha! Below is a a bit more about it... It is Inca in origin and a calling for me to master a greater part of myself/life this incarnation. Aloha!

Kaypacha: (n) (1) This world. (2) The current age; present era. (3) The world of material consciousness. (4) The middle world, filled with both heavy and refined living energies, typically symbolized by the puma; this physical world.  Our world is a manifestation of another reality that exists in the Cosmos. This is the place where we remember who we are. (See, taripay pacha.) The Kaypacha is interconnected with the different worlds of vibration and energy. We are here to experience, not to judge. This is the world of the puma. Different realities exist within this middle world of experience. In the highlands of Ecuador, the Kaypacha and Ukhupacha are regarded as mirror images.

In Inca mythology Kay Pacha is defined as the underworld where humans were developing in their lives.

The world consists of four planes appeared, Hakaq Pacha (the world beyond), Hanan Pacha (the upper world), Kay Pacha (the world here) and Uku Pacha or the lower world of the dead and also the unborn.

In language Quechua , pacha means both, time and space.

Animal Representation Kay Pacha was represented by a cougar.


Kay pacha, is the present time, it generates the immediate past and the immediate future

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