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All growth and evolution occurs through cycles. Whether the monthly cycle of the Moon, the yearly cycle of the Sun, or the human life cycle of Uranus, there are common elements and phases that can help us know when to start, build, distribute, and end projects, relationships, and even beliefs, goals, and ideals.

While many of these cycles are unique to each of us according to the time, date, and place of our birth, others are generic or common to all of us. This online weekend course goes through what planetary aspects happen at what age and will give you a clear understanding of what is coming up for you and when as well as helping you gain perspective on past events in your life.

In seven, 2-hour sessions, Kaypacha will explain the major cycles of the planets from Jupiter out to Pluto along with the progressed Moon and her nodes, and the age at which each of these cycles indicate major life changes.

This will give you an understanding of what life is asking of you (or anyone) at age 18, 29, 38, 42, 51, 63, etc. Armed with this understanding, you will be better equipped to make the best decisions, choices, and commitments that benefit your soul’s evolution.

Certainly, the more astrology you know, the more you will gain from this course.

If you are new to astrology, this will be a crash course! Included in your registration, you will receive Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101.” In this 16-hour video series, he explains the basic meaning of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects in preparation for the course (valued at $120).

Also included in your registration is a printout of your birth chart (you must know your time of birth), and two transit reports (the cycles of the planets in relation to your personal chart) for 2021 and 2022, and a third printout of 15 years (2012-2027) of the slow-moving planets through the houses. These will give you the exact dates of when cycles are beginning, culminating, and ending, offering you profound insights to guide you through the massive changes occurring now and in the near future. Kaypacha will be going over these reports as part of the course.

This is an event you will not want to miss!

The sessions will run live at the following Pacific times:

  • FRIDAY: 4-6 pm PDT.
  • SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 7-9 am, 10 am-12 pm, and 2-4 pm PDT.

Hopefully giving you time for lunch (dinner or breakfast depending on your time zone!) and a break between classes.

All classes will be recorded and available online for relistening for one full year. If, due to your time zone, you are unable to attend the sessions live, know that they will be posted shortly after that.

In addition, there will be a FB group page for students to share insights, questions, and their charts outside the “classroom.”

The more astrology you already know, the more you will gain from the course. However, Kaypacha intends to present all the material in easy-to-understand laymen’s terms. Indeed, the sooner you sign up, the more time you will have to listen to Astrology 101 and become familiar with your chart and the transit reports. It will be expected that everyone has done so and has a fundamental understanding of and can recognize their chart’s symbols.


Session One

What Happens When You’re How Old?

We will look at the age factor and explain how to use it to determine the major turning points in a life cycle. Kaypacha will go through and explain the “Planetary Cycles of a Human Life Span” worksheet.

Session Two

The House Factor

In addition to planetary cycles aspecting their natal position and other planets, they begin a new cycle each time they cross the Ascendant and journey through the 12 houses of the chart. Kaypacha will explain the meaning of the houses and how to interpret the “Outer Planet House Transits to Your Chart” worksheet.

Session Three

Transits of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus

Kaypacha will go deeper into the meaning and soul intentions of these planets aspecting themselves and other planets. He will offer tools to get the most out of these life-changing times.

Session Four

The Progressed Moon and Chiron

Briefly covering the immense topic of the progressed chart, Kaypacha will focus on the progressed Moon through the houses and her making aspects to natal planets. Together with Chiron, this session will deal with our emotional nature and self-healing by working with Chiron and the Moon.

Session Five

The Moon’s Nodes, Saturn and Jupiter

This session will look at the cycles of the Moon’s nodes and how they reveal the work and timing of destiny in the chart. In addition, the interpretation of Saturn and Jupiter transits will be discussed.

Session Six

Bringing It All Together

Having covered the meaning of the outer planets, Moon, and her nodes, Kaypacha will explain the “Outer planet aspects to your natal planets for 2021-2022” worksheet so you can apply the learned material to what is going on for you now.

Session Seven

Wrapping It All Up

This question-and-answer session will address, clarify, and assist you in applying all the material covered in the course. We will take questions and use participants’ charts as examples to help you use your chart (or anyone’s) to understand What Will Happen, When.


$199 for NPA members
(regular price: $249)


  • Astrology 101 Video Course
  • Your Personalized Birth Chart with Transits
  • Outer Planet Aspects to your Natal Planets for 2021-2022
  • Outer Planet House Transits to your Chart from 2012-2027
  • Horoscope Interpretation Guide
  • Planetary Cycles of a Human Lifespan Worksheet
  • Definition of House Meanings Worksheet
  • Participants FB Group Page

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