Have you ever wondered why you feel happy in some places and irritable in others? Ever wondered if where you live affects your moods, your productivity, your health? Ever asked yourself, where should I live, what is the best location for me?

With an Astro-Geography reading, Tom can explain how your natal birthchart can guide you toward the best places for YOU to live, love, work and play.

Whether you've lived in the same place all your life, you're a traveling gypsy or you feel drawn or called by a certain location on the planet (or beyond), Tom will use his intuitive gifts, coupled with a combination of different astro-geography tools to help you understand the next best step for you in your travels.

All Tom needs is your birth chart information (ie: date, time, place, etc) to begin studying your chart to help you understand the best places to live so that you can put new plans into action and follow your destiny.

Find out more about Tom's Astro-Geography Reading by visiting the shop under Readings with Tom

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