• We can accurately call this -18-hour course “the bare bones of chart interpretation,” as in it, you will receive the “skeleton of your soul,” so to speak. Using Pluto, the south node of the Moon, and the Moon herself, we will illuminate where you have been in previous incarnations. Click Here for Full Description
  • In this 100- minute presentation “All About Gemini,” Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Gemini, Mercury as “the ruler” of Gemini, planets in Gemini, and Gemini “ruling” each one of the 12 houses of your natal birth chart. He goes into Gemini’s mythology, including not only Castor and Pollux but Clytemnestra and Helen, to give a broader perspective on this often oversimplified archetype. Whether you’ve got planets in Gemini or not, we all have Gemini and Mercury somewhere in our chart (as well as transiting) wanting to take us someplace, so you’ll find something of value here. Grab your chart and have a listen!
  • In this 100- minute presentation “All About Taurus,” Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Taurus, Venus as “the ruler” of Taurus, planets in Taurus, and Taurus “ruling” each one of the 12 houses of your natal birth chart. Whether you’ve got planets in Taurus or not, we all have Taurus and Venus somewhere in our chart (as well as transiting) wanting to take us someplace, so you’ll find something of value here. Grab your chart and have a listen!
  • As the first in a series of videos in which Kaypacha shares each of the twelve archetypes, this video thoroughly covers Aries. In addition to the archetype, he interprets each of the planets in the sign of Aries and Aries ruling each of the 12 houses of the natal horoscope. If you want to know All About Aries, this is your video!
  • You may find this meditation pertinent anytime you have a Black Moon Lilith, Chiron, or Pluto transit or go into a dark Moon phase.  Venus/Inanna is currently retrograde, which astrologers associate with a period of 40 days (out of her 584-day cycle) when the Sumerian Goddess Inanna descends into the underworld. She will disappear from the evening sky in the west and re-emerge, transformed and reborn in the eastern sky. A symbolic period when we can deepen our understanding of what love is, our relationships, and what is of lasting, tangible value in our lives. Kaypacha invites you to join him for a guided meditation into your underworld of feelings that may be coming up for you from the collective unconsciousness. The death/resurrection process can be disturbing, to say the least, as we contact and release old, negative emotions and patterns that limit our experience of ourselves and the world. However, this cleansing can also lead to a richer, fuller, and more awakened experience of ourselves, our lives, and our loves. So while you may face feelings you have repressed or suppressed, your astrology can assist with the understanding and growth that can come from feeling these feelings. (audio only)
  • In this one hour talk Kaypacha offered at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), he discusses the evolution of a new paradigm where, after liberation from the past patriarchal modes of sexual expression, a new understanding and manifestation may emerge. He elaborates on the Evolutionary Stages of the Soul and applies these stages to what we see happening with men/masculine/Mars and women/feminine/Venus today. The search for our own authentic, unique expression requires more than merely rebelling and rejecting the old. It involves a “return” to the pure, genuine, powerful expression of Love through our emotional/physical bodies. By identifying where you are in evolving your sexual expression, you can see what next steps to take on the road to full self-expression and self-experience.
  • Physical Correlations to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Kaypacha discusses the predisposed physical and emotional ailments typical to specific star signs. From the Cancerians with food intolerances to the Taurans with throat issues, you’ll be intrigued to understand what you may be predisposed to.
  • In this live workshop, recorded in Glastonbury, UK, Kaypacha explores just what we mean by “Wild,” where it fits into the path of the evolution of consciousness, and how/where it shows up astrologically in the/your chart. Upon investigation, we will see that there are different expressions of “Wild,” (Aries/Mars, Gemini/Mercury, Scorpio/Pluto, Aquarius/Uranus, Pisces/Neptune etc.) and different times (transits) in life that are naturally “Wild,” and others when the “Wild” can wreak chaotic havoc in our lives and relationships. Come join us for some brand new perspectives on the nature of the “Wild!” and, very importantly, how to integrate these experiences, which can include trauma, into our lives.
  • In Part 1, I discussed both Plutonian and Neptunian relationships. In Part 2, I look at Uranian, Saturnian, Chironian, and Jupiterian (barely touching Lunar). I hope you find some understanding and insight. We can only scratch this subject’s surface in the amount of time allotted, but it is a good start!


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