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  • Get the advanced What Will Happen When course for 20% off when enrolling in the New Paradigm School of Astrology $22/mo subscription.
  • In this 120-minute video, Kaypacha looks into the meaning of the square, the difference between the 90º and the 270º square, and planets squaring each other. They are the most challenging aspect in the chart… Tricky tricky tricky, whether natal, progressed, or transit. Using example charts, he illustrates his technique for interpreting their meaning using a step-by-step method. So grab your chart and explore those squares!
  • In this video, Kaypacha explains how a complete evolutionary cycle operates through all the phases, harmonics, and aspects. Starting at the 0º conjunction and continuing through the new phase, 30º semi-sextile, and continuing all the way around to the waning, balsamic semi-sextile (330º), Kaypacha gives you an understanding of all the aspects and how they relate to an entire cycle. This holistic approach to interpreting aspects can be helpful as an introduction to all aspects or a summary to complete the series “All About the Aspects.” As Kaypacha states in the video, “even though some of these aspects are called ‘minor’ by astrologers, they aren’t ‘minor’ to me!”


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