• ‘Tis the season for papa Saturn! He’s coming back over the South node for the last time in a while and then heading up toward Pluto! This video is an excerpt of the course “Getting Stronger with Saturn in Capricorn.” I hope you enjoy listening and doing some reflecting, too!

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  • Astrologer, Yogi, and Modern Mystic Kaypacha of the Pele Report sits down with Hargo to discuss Saturn’s ins & outs, Saturn Return, and navigating the vast shifts and changes Saturn “the teacher” brings about!
  • In this video, Kaypacha discusses the three eclipses occurring on June 5, June 21, and July 5, 2020. He discusses eclipses in general, but these three mainly, and gives interpretations of their Sabian Symbols to illuminate their meaning. He then explains what these eclipses indicate for you according to where they fall in your birth chart. All in all, this is thorough coverage of this eclipse season that can help you make the most of these energies!

    **Available as part of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. If you’re not a student and would like to be, enroll here!

  • In this 90-minute presentation "All About Aquarius," Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius, Uranus as "the ruler" of Aquarius, planets in Aquarius, and Aquarius "ruling" each one of the 12 houses of your natal birth chart. Whether you've got planets in Aquarius or not, we all have Aquarius and Uranus shaking things up somewhere in our chart (as well as transiting) so you'll find something of value here. Grab your chart and have a listen!
  • In this 100- minute presentation “All About Pisces,” Kaypacha discusses the archetype of Pisces, Neptune/Jupiter as “the rulers” of Pisces, planets in Pisces, and Pisces “ruling” each one of the 12 houses of your natal birth chart. Whether you’ve got planets in Pisces or not, we all have Pisces and Neptune somewhere in our chart (as well as transiting) wanting to take us someplace, so you’ll find something of value here. Grab your chart and have a listen!
  • This kundalini yoga kriya, "Kriya for Energizing the Self," does just that! Done regularly, you will find yourself strengthened, centered, and energized. Let's do these together and together change not only ourselves but the world!

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  • This kundalini yoga kriya will help balance and coordinate the five Vayus. Praana, through the heart Udaana, through the throat Samaana, in the naval region Apaana, through the sphere of the anus Vyaana, throughout the whole body You will gain great mastery and control of your mind, body, and emotions once the Vayus are all working together harmoniously. This kriya is appropriate for any yoga practitioner, from beginner to advanced.
  • During these times of stress and change, I have found no better way to remain centered, clear, and calm than kundalini yoga. I share this particular kriya in my workshops because it helps clear out all the toxins from our bodies, in addition to connecting us with our highest "Self." As far as difficulty, I would rate it as "beginner" or "easy" for those of you who may be new to Kundalini yoga.
  • An excellent audio recording for an in-depth understanding of the 12 zodiac signs and the 12th house of the natal birth chart.
  • Class 1: Evolutionary Stages Class 2: Mars Class 3: The 12th House Class 4: The Ascendant Class 5: The Houses Class 6: Planetary Aspects Class 7: Chiron In The Horoscope Class 8: The Moon’s Nodes Class 9: Astrology Chart Interpretation
  • Relationships and intimacy play a significant role in our evolutionary process as human beings. Our astrological birth chart can bring our deep, unconscious needs and desires to our awareness and function as a vital tool of self-understanding and integration. It is a map of our unconscious soul nature. The more we become aware of and integrate our unconscious patterns, fears, and needs, the less we project them onto our partners, creating misunderstandings, conflict, and separation. Your sexual nature and intimacy needs are intrinsically tied to and an expression of your overall soul intention for this life. The approach of New Paradigm Astrology is to balance and unite the masculine and feminine natures within each of us. This implies integrating the upper/lower chakras, the light/dark, positive/negative, and spiritual/physical aspects of our Self. Therefore, we will look to the entire horoscope but emphasize the Moon, Moon's Nodes, Venus, Mars, Pluto, the Ascendant, and the 7th and 8th houses of the chart. This recorded series will focus on the individual natal horoscope and its elements that give us relationship information. Synastry chart analysis studies the relationship between two people's charts to explore the soul dynamics present within their relationship. Composite chart analysis combines two people's charts into a single relationship chart to explore the soul dynamics that form the history and future intention of the relationship. It includes transcripts, essential handouts, and example charts.


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