2018: The Astrology of Alchemical Transformation From Death to Resurrection June 1-3, 2018 RA MA Institute, Venice Beach, CA

Jupiter moving through Scorpio this year reflects the evolutionary impulse to evolve through meeting the “Dweller on the Threshold,” the “Keeper of our Fears” of loss, betrayal, and abandonment, with the potential to grow exponentially toward mastery.  Knowing when to hold on, when to let go, when to conquer, and when to surrender to the “Other,” in all its forms is the mark of true mastery.

In April, Chiron the masterful “Wounded Healer” will make his entrance into the sign of Aries for the first time in over 50 years.  In addition, Uranus the “Great Awakener” will enter Taurus for the first time in over 80.  These are all celestial indicators of a year filled with transformation, and with transformation comes change, instability leading to insecurity, and the need for each of us to expand our concepts of self and relationship, our purpose, our place, and our priorities.

In this astrological event we will gather together and explore how these transits are effecting change within our own biographies.  The very act of identifying what is calling us forward and what is holding us back is in itself a clarifying and healing process.  In addition, we will learn the techniques that New Paradigm Astrology uses to understand not only the timing and purpose of the events in our lives this year, but why and how they fit into the larger picture of our entire soul journey.


June 1, 7-9pm:    “What the #$%& is Goin’ On? An Astrological Overview of 2018”  This 2 hour exploration into the current transits by Kaypacha will lay the foundation for our work together. THIS TALK IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – $25 at the door.

June 2, 9-1pm:  Kaypacha will review the 12 signs of the zodiac, using description, mythology, movement, and music.  A basic understanding of astrology is required for this course.  If you are just beginning, it is mandatory that you listen to the FREE 16 hour “Astrology 101” webinar series that comes with your registration PRIOR TOthe event. 

June 2, 2-5pm:  Getting the rest of the Pieces:  Kaypacha will finish a quick review of the planets, houses, and aspects and assist everyone in identifying what planets are being triggered by this year’s transits.

June 3, 9-5pm (1 hour lunch): Kaypacha will go around the circle to give “mini-readings” to all participants.  This will afford you the opportunity to understand how astrology works, your own personal life purpose as revealed in your chart, and how the planetary transits of 2018 will act differently in different people’s lives depending on their natal soul intention!  The more open and willing we all are to sharing ourselves and our astrology the more everyone will learn and grow together.  Kundalini yoga with Kaypacha if time permits!

Venue: RA MA Institute,  316 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291


Friday June 1st – Talk Only: $25 

Full Workhops: $375 Early Bird Rate until May 1st; $399 after.  

In order to gain the most benefit from this program and not hold back the group, you will need at least a basic understanding of your birthchart

For this reason, your registration includes Kaypacha’s Astrology 101 Webinar Series free of charge ($120 value) so you can learn these basics beforehand!  In it, he goes through the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (16 hours total)

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Please reach out to with any questions.