3rd June, 2019 – Malmö Talk

What the #$%& is Goin’ On?
An Astrological Overview of 2019
June 3rd, 2019
Malmö, Sweden


This talk will be a 2-hour exploration into what lies ahead for us in 2019.  Kaypacha will give us an in-depth understanding of the energetic currents revealed through astrology for the next year. This talk is a virtual 2-hour Pele Report- if you know what that means. We look forward to seeing you there!


Arrival : 17h
Talk: 19.30h – 21.30h


Infinite Yoga Malmö is a unique and luxurious yoga studio located in the heart of Malmö. Infinite Yoga Malmö is for the ones who are looking for the holistic aspect of yoga, to grow as a human beeing and a space for you to be fully YOU!  We focus on yoga as a tool for personal growth and we believe that every single person has the ability to heal themselves and create the kind of lives they wish to live. Through powerful tools for emotional release combined with yoga and yoga philosophy we create a safe and welcoming space for you to explore every part of you, with everything that you are, just the way you are. We welcome you to be a part of our Infinite-community supporting everyone on their own journey of self discovery and self awareness!

Cost:  570 Swedish Kronor

Registration: Contact Linnea at



Kaypacha has more than 40 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art. In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching. He is the author of “The Pele Report”, a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.