May 5-12, 2020 – Astrology Rising: Unity in Diversity – Gaunacaste, Costa Rica

Astrology Rising: Unity in Diversity

May 5-12th, 2020
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Come experience Astrology like you never have before!

We all know that we are giving birth to a New Paradigm, and as with any birth, there is both uncertainty and tremendous possibility. Everything from government and technology to gender identity and relationships is turning inside out and upside down as we experience this changing of the guard.
Astrology Rising 2020 is a unique gathering of like-minded souls coming together not only to see what is happening in the world and ourselves through astrology, sound, movement and nature herself, but to form new relationships with each other that can last a lifetime, or more!

Our intention of celebrating the changes that lie before us will consist of presentations by world famous astrologers, yoga, ceremony, dance, beach time, sailing, and more, to not only expand our consciousness but our sense of belonging and community.

Through an interdisciplinary approach toward understanding our personal evolution and that of our planet, we will connect with our deepest selves to heal, rejuvenate, strengthen and integrate our fullest potential.

You will come away not only knowing yourself and your astrology better than ever before, but a whole group of new, amazing people!

For a full description of the workshop, activities and events, CLICK HERE!