November 18-26 2020 – Astrology & Adventure Retreat – Patagonia, Chile

Astrology & Adventure Retreat

November 18-26, 2020

Patagonia, Chile


Standing in Our Truth – A Yogic Astrological Journey with Kaypacha

While Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been traveling together throughout the year, at the time of this workshop they are at their closest.  This conjunction not only reflects the massive changes occurring in our world at this time, but gives a deeper meaning to those events and to our lives.  It is time for each of us as individuals to stand strong and tall in our own truth and model that truth for the coming generations.  This truth, our soul path and purpose, is shown in our astrological birth chart.  We will begin our work delving into this Sprit/Soul intention and move forward using the current planetary transits to see how, when, and where those intentions will best be made manifest.  If you wish to know and master the world, know and master yourself.  This will be the foundation stone for our time in nature, yoga, community, and learning the wisdom of the stars.

An exploration retreat experience sheltered by soaring mountains, bright blue glaciers and golden pampas. Come and adventure Torres del Paine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region and explore the wisdom of the stars within the protected wild life region at the last tip of the world!

The Yoga

Throughout this event, we will use nature, astrology, kundalini yoga, breath work, chanting, music, and conversation, to reconnect with that vital core within ourselves; our chi, kundalini, life force.

We will delve into Pluto, the Moon’s Nodes, and the Ascendant for the basic understanding of where we have been and what our purpose is this lifetime.  Adding the house position and aspects of the current Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction to the chart, we will see what aspects of your life are most profoundly being “remodeled,” why, and what the unconscious soul is seeking to evolve through the process.  Kaypacha will be answering the unique questions living within this special group of people as our combined energy will form the “container” for transformation.

The Accommodation

Immersed in the midst of the lush Patagonian nature, right on the edge of the Torres del Paine Park and on the banks of the Serrano River, this Rio Serrano lodge + Spa is inviting you to live an experience full of colors, textures, landscapes and a compromise to the sustainability of destiny.

Our comfortable stay offers the perfect setting for relaxing, unwinding and preparing between explorations and full day workshops.

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