Oct 31 – Nov 8, 2020
Discover Your Soul’s Purpose – Online Workshop

During these times of great uncertainty and confusion, it can be difficult to make long term commitments and even short term decisions! Astrologically speaking, I will assert that this is a destined period in history demanding that each of us dig deep down within ourselves to base our choices on our core values and beliefs more than any external validation, prompting, or “success.” When the “flow stops flowing,” we need to get going, and that means creating our destiny in alignment with our soul’s evolutionary intention (why we are here).
Your astrological birth chart is a virtual “blueprint of your soul.” Your soul is an evolving consciousness that reincarnates from life to life, forever seeking expansion and illumination. While your astrological birth chart (or anything else) will not tell you who you are (as you are an infinite spiritual being), it will provide you with a profound understanding of where you have been and where you unconsciously seek to expand and grow.  Aligning your conscious identity with these unconscious soul desires will help you in more ways than you can imagine to achieve the harmony, peace, love, and power you incarnated to experience this lifetime.
The study of astrology is endless, and the interpretation of a birth chart continues to unfold through years of research. However, there is no time better to start than now, and no place better to start than right here! We can accurately call this sixteen-hour course, “the bare bones of chart interpretation,” as I will be giving you the skeleton of your soul, so to speak. Using Pluto, the south node of the Moon, and the Moon herself, we will illuminate where you have been in previous incarnations. These chart factors serve to reflect the gifts and strengths you have developed, what you bring with you into this life, along with what you have done or not done, done well, or want to do over and what you perhaps have never tried. All these factors constitute your soul’s purpose for this lifetime.
Then, using the Pluto polarity point, the North Node of the Moon, and the Ascendant, we will illuminate the soul’s future intentions. Along the way, we will discuss the planetary aspects to these chart points and provide you with the tools you need to further understand your soul destiny. While this may only be a beginning to understanding yourself and your life, merely recognizing old, past patterns and conditioning versus where and what the soul is seeking to expand and evolve is an IMMENSE help when making decisions regarding any aspect of your life. 
Will this help me evolve, or is it a repetition of an old program or fear? The answer to that question concerning ANY decision will become quite clear.
This course will require a fundamental understanding of the zodiacal signs, planets, and houses of the horoscope. We will spend the first day reviewing these concerning our study, but certainly, a day can only serve as a review, not an entire education. The more you know, sense, and feel these aspects of the chart, the more you will get out of this course.


Session One & Two

Review the 12 zodiacal sign archetypes, the planets (including Chiron), and the 12 houses.

Session Three

Pluto: The soul, or “theme” the soul has been working on. As Pluto moves slowly, Pluto’s sign position describes your “soul group,” those your age or near, and the qualities you have developed and seek to bring forth. Besides, and more individual, Pluto’s house position shows the area of life that you personally have grown through and seek further discovery.

Session Four

The South Node of the Moon, or “plot,” shows the action line or how you developed the themes revealed through Pluto’s placement. It can be likened to your “job” in previous lives, while Pluto is what you needed to know to do that job. I call the Moon the “character.” She reflects where you are comfy cozy, familiar, and have your Ph.D.!

With the information provided in these four sessions, you will have the intervening week to coalesce this information into your personal biography/workbook.

Session Five

Looking toward the future, the Pluto polarity point, North Node of the Moon, and Ascendant. We’ll combine these three factors, which I consider as “the bottom line” (PPP), “how to get there” (North Node), and “school” you’re in (Ascendant), to help you get there.

Session Six

Exceptions to the rule, you know there’s got to be some! We’ll look at planets conjunct either (or both) the South and North Nodes of the Moon as well as square to the Nodes with examples taken from the group.

Sessions Seven & Eight

Demonstration/learn by doing. We’ll spend this entire last day going through examples taken from you, the participants, and apply these techniques as well as look at upcoming transits. Depending on the number of participants, there is no guarantee that your chart will be chosen, but I will do as many as possible in our time together.