September 25th – October 7th, 2019 – Bhutan [SOLD OUT]

For truth seekers whose primary desire is to open their hearts and minds to their true Purpose, these are powerful times! With this intention, Adam and Kaypacha are excited to invite you to Bhutan, the “Land of Happiness,” for a sacred adventure into the workings of Spirit through astrology, both east and west. We’ll be visiting the majestic and sacred sites of Bhutan, learning Buddhist Vedic astrology, Kaypacha’s Evolutionary astrology, Adam’s Soulsign astrology, Kundalini yoga, somatic meditations, alchemical star gazing, and quite a bit more!

Adam and Kaypacha have chosen a time when we as individuals and the collective unconscious are brimming with new wisdom teachings and cross-cultural collaborations opening the door to a more heart-filled experience of ourselves and each other.

The astrological dynamics during our journey point to it as a time of deep soul searching, healing, and rebirth. Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius, Pluto conferring with the south node of the Moon and Saturn, Lilith conferring with Neptune, and the Sun in opposition to Chiron, all point to deepening into our Being through integrating new, foreign, unconscious and powerful awarenesses that can change both our identity and our future!

In addition to our breathtaking journeys through the beautiful country of Bhutan and learning Bhutanese astrology from master astrologers, we’ll immerse ourselves in some of the most powerful western astrology alive today! Adam and Kaypacha will join forces for six days to deeply explore the key evolutionary factors of your chart. They’ll empower your understanding of your unique Soul’s unfolding for this lifetime and explain just how the Soul and the incarnational Identity co-create our evolution. The power of the material they’ll share will ground you in your actual cellular instructions for this lifetime! This is an experience you will not want to miss and we sincerely hope you can join us!


[Registration – SOLD OUT]