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Module 1: Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology

October 26 - December 15

To reach high, we begin with solid foundations. This fundamentals course is open to beginners and intermediate astrologers as we will review the building blocks from an Evolutionary perspective. This is different from other schools of thought and practice. In this course, you will learn about the 12 signs through their elemental groupings, receive a solid orientation to the natal chart, and the basic soul-focused perspective of Evolutionary Astrology. You'll learn the astronomy associated with the astrological birth chart. In addition to learning the language of astrology, you'll also receive a special teaching on kundalini yoga so that you can more deeply embody the elements. This course will solidly set you up to delve deeper into more of the specifics by giving you a solid foundation from which to build a deeper understanding.

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Friday, October 26th

Understanding Evolutionary Astrology with Maurice Fernandez

Maurice will describe the principles of Evolutionary Astrology and how to identify the Soul’s levels of Consciousness. We will discuss how different or similar EA is to other Astrology systems and why it matters. This is one of the most sophisticated spiritual approaches to astrology where we can identify the evolution of the Soul in a chart. This profound knowledge requires adequate initiation to be mastered and practiced effectively.

Q&A Webinar: Saturday, November 3rd


Lesson 2
Sunday, November 4th 

The Astronomy and Anatomy of an Astrological Chart with Julija Simas

In this lesson, you will learn the essentials of what makes an astrological chart. Outlined in 3 Parts with easy to follow graphics, this module gives you the essential background to understand the structure of an astrological chart and the motion of planets, signs, and houses.

  • Part 1 : The Great Circles of Astrology - The Ecliptic, The Horizon, The Prime Meridian, The Zenith - Nadir.
  • Part 2 :The 3 Zodiacs - The Tropical Signs, The Sidereal Signs, The Constellations. Precession, and why we use the Tropical Zodiac.
  • Part 3 : How a chart moves, the motion of the signs, planets, and houses.

Q&A Webinar: Saturday Nov 10th


Lesson 3
Sunday, November 11th

Fire: The Seed of All Life with Sol Jonassen
In this lesson, Sol will explore in depth the three fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire is the essence of creation, the very force that moves and motivates us to grow and expand. It is where we find that inner fire, the inner light of direct and intuitive knowledge.
Q&A Webinar: Saturday Nov 17th


Lesson 4
Sunday, November 18th

Earth: The Continuity of Life with Christina Caudill 

The Earth signs are a grounding and stabilizing influence following the ignition of fire. These are the Yin elements that maintain our connection to the material plane, integrating spirit and matter. In this Module, Christina Caudill will teach the evolution through the Earth signs from the survival nature of Taurus, to the service orientation of Virgo through to the karmic culmination of Capricorn.

Q&A Webinar: Saturday, November 24th

Lesson 5
Sunday, November 25th

Air: The Breath of Life with Timothy Halloran 

In this lesson, Timothy explores:
-Air is space and the division of space that both divides and connects everything into a comprehensible picture. It is the sound and the silence that allows us to listen and speak. It is the fragmentation and combination of words that allows us to communicate. The element of air is the mind.

Q&A Webinar: Saturday, December 1st

Lesson 6
Sunday, December 2nd

Water: The Flow of Life with Ari Moshe Wolfe

In this module, Ari explores:
-The three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces respectively represent the triad of ego, soul and spirit which together reflect the relationship between the oneness of reality (Pisces) and the incarnation of individuated oneness (Scorpio) in its myriad human expressions (Cancer).

Q&A Webinar: Saturday, December 8th

Lesson 7
Sunday, December 9th 

A Journey Through the Zodiac with Kaypacha

In this module, Kaypacha will share the meaning of the signs as expressing unique facets of, and stages within, this process. Each sign, as its own unique mystery school, compliments, gives, and reveals an aspect of our Self needed on the journey through life.

Q&A Webinar: Saturday, December 15th



As a student of this course, you'll receive:
: Online video instruction in our digital classroom
: PDF workbook with exercises for each lesson
: Kundalini yoga kriyas for embodiment
: Access to a private student Facebook group
: Online forum for questions for the teachers
: Live Q&A webinars for each Module


Questions? Feel free to email



Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:What time are the webinars?
A: The classes are all pre-recorded. The live Q&A Webinars are at 4:00 pm Eastern Time.


Q: Am I required to attend live?
A: No, only Q&A’s are live and they are recorded for those who cannot attend.


Q: I am already practiced in astrology but am new to Evolutionary Astrology, will this course be too basic for me?
A: No, Evolutionary Astrology offers a unique perspective that is specific to reading the chart from the point of view of the soul’s evolutionary journey. There are concepts, techniques and perspectives unique to this paradigm. We find that anyone new to EA, whether familiar with astrology in general or not, will learn new material right from the start. We recommend it. The portions on the Elements will serve to deepen your existing knowledge and integrate the EA perspective. The astronomy portion may already be familiar to those who are skilled with natal charts but it’s always good to expand your understanding of natal chart anatomy and astronomy.


Q: Is this traditional Evolutionary Astrology?
A: In this course you will be guided by 7 professional and skilled astrologers, six of which have trained in the EA paradigm, all of which combined bring forth their unique niches, skill set and gems to the community. We consider this course to be rooted in the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green with it's branches and fruits extended to encompass a far wider and eclectic understanding of astrology. Our teachings are contestant and a reflection of the core EA teachings, but we are not pure traditionalists and there will be elements in this course that are specific to this unique blend of teachers.


Q: Will I get a certificate at the end of the course? 
A: You will receive a certificate of completion for NPA's Astrology for the Soul: The Complete Course for Chart Interpretation, Level One.

Q: Will I be able to offer this as a service to my clients upon completion of this course?
A: You will be ready to read your own chart, and that of friends and family.   Astrology takes time to research and practice, and we recommend at least another year of practice  before offering professional readings.

Q: Will I have access to the forum and group after the course is over ?
A: There will be one forum that remains active from the beginning of the course for all eternity that will be open to everyone whoever signups up for the course.  Same with the FB group page. While all the material/modules/handouts etc. is "go at your own pace/time," you will obviously not be able to attend the Live Q and A sessions at the end of each module (total of 7) unless you attend the module “live.” However, they too will be recorded for your future study.

Q: Are there payment plans / discounts available? 
A: Full Price is $1,399 for the entire course or $349.99 per part.  We are offering a special price $1,199 for the entire course from now until October 14th 11:59 PM Eastern.  A payment plan is available until October 25th for those purchasing the entire course: $150/month for 10 months beginning on the date of purchase (November 1 at the latest.)

DISCOUNT:  NPA Community member pricing is $1,199 for the entire course or $299.99 per part.



8 thoughts on “Astrology for the Soul: Module 1 – Fundamentals of Evolutionary Astrology

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  2. Hi Kaypacha,
    I just loove your Pele reports and would like to know more about astrology and my chart in terms of evolution, I am interested in your online course.
    I am pisces with aquarious ascendant from 1944 and deeply involved in spirituality.
    I would like to know at what time the webcast takes place? I live in Denmark and do not wish to register for online webcasts that takes place in the middle of the night for me. If I miss out of something that is not possible with replay, it would not work for me.
    I would also like to know if you grant full or partial scholarships as I only have a small social security.

    love and peace 🌺🌟

    • Hi Lene!

      The classes are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your leisure. The Q&A webinars are at 4pm Eastern. If you can’t make it live, you can always submit your question in advance and watch it at a later time, or just ask your question in the course forum. You’ll have 7 astrologers ready to support.

      So much love to you,


  3. Hi Guys,
    I started my astrology Diploma with Julija Simas in 2014? and then life took a few intense turns So I haven’t finished that diploma. But I offer readings for last 5 years because my Astrology teacher/ yoga teacher is an evolutionary Astrologer as her whole focus and she is absolutely amazing. And she has been mentoring me in this type of astrology for the past 5 years. So my readings that I offer are evolutionary astrology readings anyway but I am soo soo interested in this course that you 7 have combined to create. A few questions I had was: Can u do some of the course but not all of it? Is the tuition fees of $299 still applicable today? And is $299 for the 7 weeks that you have listed above?

  4. Hello.

    I am so fascinated by this work and stunned at the accuracy of Pele Reports which I have found much comfort in listening to. I knew I wanted to take this course when it was initially being offered with all the free additional incentives. I was however going through so much stress at the time both family and marital I wasn’t able to think straight or sign up before the deal was expired and the course started. It was then Nov and is now Dec. I know that I am called to learn about evolutionary astrology as I feel compelled to listen in every week and want to understand everything I am listening to. Is there any chance I can still sign up to this? and benefit from what was initially being offered or will this opportunity be offered again in the near future?

  5. How much hours of study does each module need on average? Also same question as Megan, can you still purchase module 1? 🙂 Thanks for letting know.

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