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1st Quarter Moon 22º Libra July 13, 2024


〰️  Let’s write our future script starting NOW! 〰️

It’s time to stop procrastinating and get down to it! You may recall some of the cliches that involve engaging our will (Mars) to make change (Uranus), and this week is the time, as they come together exactly on Monday. “Never put off ’til tomorrow what can be done today.” “God helps those who help themselves.” “No Fear!” are some of them, but you may have more yourself. This powerful energy that only comes around every couple of years is close to the first quarter square Moon, which of itself wants to break free/out. So, let’s go!

Of course, it’s not as simple and straightforward as Mars would have it. Let’s also consider that the Sun squares Chiron on the same day and brings up all our fears and wounds around self-assertion. This can be healing or crippling, depending upon the individual and their soul’s evolutionary state, history, willpower, and intention. Mercury inconjuncts Saturn the same Monday, too, indicating that it’s time to discuss some, perhaps unpleasant, matters and graduate from a place of subservience to independence.

As La Luna proceeds from her first quarter square in Libra through Scorpio Sunday to Tuesday (depending on where you are on planet Earth, of course, as time is relative), Sagittarius and Capricorn to meet up with Pluto for the full Moon in the last, critical degree, all hell or heaven (probably a little of both) will be breaking loose! By then, our fiery Venusian goddess in Leo will be ready to put on her dancing shoes, and she won’t want to be stopped by petty needs, fears, concerns, or power struggles.

By Saturday, the 20th, the train leaves the station as Mars moves out of slow, grounded Taurus and takes flight in Gemini. It’s almost as if life is like an ice cream pushup (if you can remember those) or maybe even a jack-in-the-box whose time has come to emerge up and out of the box with a sudden burst. We can either jump out of the box or get kicked out of the box, but one thing is certain: the past will remain regardless of how cherished or clung to. The life force represented by Pluto/Mars will ceaselessly bring evolution, so it’s best not only to let go and enjoy the ride but also to actualize our unique selves in the process. Another old saying is “Publish or perish,” so let’s write our future script starting NOW!

So Much Love,

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