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Upcoming Events

Astrology Workshops

Healing The Warrior Within – Peru, Feb 1-7, 2022

Humanity is currently experiencing a "healing crisis" concerning our will force, right to exist, power of self-assertion, liberty, and openness to having our desires met. As part of our emerging out of the last 2.000-year age of Piscean faith, hope, and following, we are now finding our legs to stand up, stand tall, and speak our truth.

The Astrology of Relationship – Ibiza, Oct 8-10, 2021

Looking for love?  In love?  Want it to grow deeper?  Or are you challenged?  Changing?  Needing something different?
Let's face it, as we grow and evolve, our relationship needs change, and either our relationships grow and change with us, or we need to change connections.

What Will Happen When? – Dubai, Oct 21-23, 2021

All growth and evolution occurs through cycles. Whether the monthly cycle of the Moon, the yearly cycle of the Sun, or the human life cycle of Uranus, there are common elements and phases that can help us know when to start, build, distribute, and end projects, relationships, and even beliefs, goals, and ideals.

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