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1st Quarter Moon 23º Virgo June 14, 2024


〰️ Learn how to juggle 〰️

This is an exciting week, especially if you are comfortable with mutable energy and love the buzz of the busy beehive. This lunar phase is under the spell of Neptune, and when Neptune is around, we have to stay agile and present, approaching every moment as it unfolds, and have faith that whatever we are incapable of understanding logically will make sense to us somewhere along the way. Inspiration will come easy, but focus will be harder to attain.

So the normally sane Virgo Moon will not necessarily boost our practical sense, thanks to Neptune lurking backstage, scheming to challenge us out of our rational minds, taking us out of linear time and into an experience that can be just as magical as it can be frustrating. This is a week to learn how to juggle and be so concentrated on the juggling that none of the balls drop to the floor. That is our work, and the rest is up to life.

Thankfully, we have Mars in Taurus to ground us all, which is certainly needed. These floating and etheric energies can easily take us out of our center and the mutable qualities that dominate the astrological atmosphere can pull us in many directions at the same time, making it hard to not be swept away.

However, being swept away is not the worst thing that could happen. If we are having trouble letting go of attachments, then a week like this could feel very frustrating, but a little sweeping away and some live and let live could be exactly what we needed. If we are more trusting of life, this week could turn out to be one epiphany after another, and the heart is certainly in danger of being opened wide. It looks good for all the romantics out there, and this author’s educated guess is that connections between people will deepen to a level where they melt into One. This is a great week for poetry, spiritual practice, watching kissy kissy flixes, and helping each other out.

The Sabian Symbol reflects this perfectly. «Mary and her white lamb» gives us warm and fuzzy vibes, guiding us towards an innocence that can redeem many a broken heart. The more we progress on our spiritual journey, the deeper into love we delve, the better life becomes. It is no easy task to walk with forgiveness, but if we get there, we start radiating something wonderful, something that tends to attract the very thing we need into our lives. And abundance shows up, mostly because we feel abundant, even with a little. Abundance is not quantity. It is quality, and mostly a quality of the heart.

The innocent and childlike Neptunian approach to life is redeeming and healing as long as it is balanced with a clear sense of self and courage to embrace truth. The journey of Neptune is the journey of life itself. Once, we were safely in the womb of Cosmos, in a pure receptive state, and it was bliss. As children, we all touched magic. But then life happens and the heart becomes tempered by the mind. Often, the mind takes over completely, and the bliss of childhood is only a vague memory of something that will never return. Until we seek out spirit. And Neptune transits make a huge impact on our lives. Like right now. This is a time to remember the one, untainted, sweet, innocent child inside the heart. So, despite the Virgo Moon’s tendency to be a tad skeptical, the right brain will win over the left, and we get an opportunity to tune into a magical realm where anything can happen.

But it requires a bit of discipline to manage the many ups and downs that the mutable carousel takes us on. We might think we got it in one minute, and the next one, we are facing our deepest fears, utterly despaired. This is a week where anything can happen, and as both Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will be under the spell of Neptune for almost all of this lunar phase, we have to be willing to surf, and if we are being pulled under, willing to make our way to land as soon as possible.

With so much Neptunian zing going on, waking up inside the dream is of utmost importance. We often sleepwalk while awake, ignorant of the stream of consciousness that always moves through our minds, but if we, by any chance, wake up inside each moment, we will discover what enlightenment really means. This week, we certainly get an opportunity to experience a blissful union with life that can heal a painful sense of separation and restore joy in our hearts. The world is far from perfect, but there is an abundance of perfect moments. And that is pure bliss.

Sol W Jonassen

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