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1st Quarter Moon 25º Leo May 15, 2024


〰️ The language of the heart is sweet and tender 〰️

This particular lunar phase is on fire! Mars will cross the North Node in Aries, and the word we are looking for is “caution.” There is no need to go overboard, but that is not gonna be easy as the Taurus Sun conjunct ever-so-convinced Jupiter squares the equally stubborn and fixed Moon in Leo, all sprinkled with a Martian drizzle of «I break for no one!» So this week requires a solid dose of self-discipline and awareness about the energies that circulate in the collective auric field of humanity.

Regulation is a huge issue with strong Mars aspects, and pain inflicted comes from poorly regulated nervous systems. As with all astrological transits, this one too points to an energy potential, and how we harness it depends on our capacity to engage in life in a mindful and conscious manner, something that is not easy with such cosmic stirrings as these. But it is possible.

The temptation to get sucked into a circus of drama and stress needs to be kept under control if we are to master the vibes of the times. The upside of this circus is the most delicious, passionate, and playful capacity to enjoy life and experience everything to its fullest. The Danish polymath Piet Hein said: «Living is a thing you do now or never—which do you?» Piet Hein was Sagittarius with the Moon in Leo and Jupiter right on the degree of the current Sun-Jupiter conjunction, and his saying is relevant to the philosophy of life that we could profit from encouraging. He was also born with Mars on the South Node and was the leader of the Danish Resistance during the 2nd World War. A pretty rebellious soul with a firm understanding of what was of true value and what was not. And a quite surprising mirror for the current zeitgeist.

We are being called to action and to hold our stand in the face of opposition. How to fight is the big question, as usual with Mars. It will be waxing to a conjunction to the NN during this lunar cycle, and while this energy is building, it is wise to be mindful of our words and actions. Chiron is also in the Aries courtyardkindly reminding us about our talent for messing it up just when the heat is on and we are led on by impulse. Imagine all the karma created while mindlessly reacting to our environment and what unfolds here. The «ops-I did it again» factor is not to be undermined with this passage. Assertion and aggression are two different aspects of the same Martian impulse, so this week, we could find ourselves in a situation where opposing willpowers clash, and we have to figure out the best way through.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 25 Leo: «A rainbow» shows promise, and if we add the Sabian for the Sun degree: «A Spaniard serenading his senorita» a little secret is revealed. If we act gallantly and with the respect of the serenader, a rainbow, a symbol of light in stormy weather, appears. In other words, if we listen and respect our hearts, we will handle the storms with dignity and wisdom and create beauty. The language of the heart is sweet and tender. A healed heart radiates a sense of safety and, consequently, tolerance. Recognizing that we can’t always have what we desire and that winning isn’t everything can lead to peace.

The ruler of the South Node, Venus, will be making a conjunction to Uranus during this quarter phase, and if we remember the myth, Venus sprang out of the semen of Uranus. This gives us a clue to how we can create beauty and harmony if we listen to our higher mind and act according to higher principles like brother and sisterhood, respect, and friendliness. This highly inspired conjunction can help offset some of Mars’ more toxic qualities when acting mindlessly. It is a kind reminder that we never know what people go through, so we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Friendliness comes a long way, and in order to get there, we might need to let go of our agenda and try to understand. How to act appropriately seems to be the message of the current lunar cycle.

The magician fears no element and can alchemize and transform anything into goldThe shaman is the same, and the tantric practitioner is also. In any situation where anxiety can hold the light of consciousness hostage, we have to be able to hold space for fear and release the need to control the outcome, even if fear is trying to convince us otherwise. It takes courage to withstand pressure, yet we have to try to move beyond fear.

Just do it. Close your eyes, feel your feelings, pause before you answer, and stay true to yourself and respectful to others. This is the time to listen to the body and hold space for the many layers of emotion that can circulate quickly through it. Once you do that, you also regulate yourself. You are always guided through if you take the time to listen. Trust that.

Sol W Jonassen

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