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1st Quarter Moon 26º Cancer Apr 15, 2024


〰️ Commitment to life 〰️

This first quarter phase after the Great Eclipse is now in the womb stage of Cancer. We are developing a willpower that will not sit quietly, and even though Mercury is still driving backward, not even that will be enough to stop the locomotive now in motion.

The feeling of being able to prevail and win even if a mountain of obstacles is always getting in the way could make us realize that it isn’t what happens to us that matters. It is how we end up taking it that counts. The distinction between giving up and surrendering is crucial to understand. There are those forces that are stronger than our personal will, and once we’ve sparred the walls that won’t come down, we realize that surrender is the right course of action. However, if we see that this obstacle is one we are supposed to fight, then there is an evolutionary need to use willpower correctly and not give up. To see this difference means we will find out what burns us out and what makes us stronger. We then consolidate our commitment to life, chanting our deepest intentions as truth over and over again.

Mars is in Pisces, and herein is a little proof in the pudding as to why it is so. Pisces is the collective. Ruled by Neptune, we are exposed to nature in its raw form in Pisces. Those waters are so massive that one person alone could drown in it. The question then is what is the right course of action. To surrender and retreat to the mainland, or to test one’s faith and strength and continue, taking one wave at a time. As each situation is different, each answer would also differ. In Pisces Land, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Truth is relative to the moment, and thus, this becomes a daily practice of checking in on ourselves to see if we are tempted by illusion or driven by truth.

In this scenario, it helps that Mercury is waltzing backward. Evolutionary speaking, Mercury retrograde is the evolution of the free mind. To think independently, sift and sort out what is irrelevant, examine through introspection what lies we tell ourselves, and be awake and conscious of the pressures from our surroundings, like culture and family. It is said that people born with Mercury retrograde are not always listening. Well, they might not be listening to the constant chatter of their surroundings, but they are listening to the inner realities, so they are listening, just not to our advice.

As this Mercury retrograde phase is in Aries, a sign of authenticity and honesty, it strengthens this retrograde urge to think independently. Headstrong might not be the worst thing we could be right now. Relentlessly strengthening our commitment to life and fighting for our right to be seen, heard, and respected. This is individual leadership against all odds.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in Cancer: «A storm in a canyon» shows another layer of breaking free. There is something incredibly intense about this image that could suggest that things are heating up, at least inside the canyon. The sizzling electric fire, which is a thunderous storm, is manifested astrologically as the magnificent Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which is exact on 21°49 Taurus the 20th. The Sabian Symbol for this degree, «White doves flying over troubled waters,» brings in the eclipse message of listening to the Spirit. Again, we have birds entering the symbolical realm, and they bring a peaceful message that allows us not to fret while the storms are dancing their ever-so-dramatic dance around us and inside us.

So, while we are going about our business, a need to break out and break free from restrictions pulls on us. We will prevail in the face of darkness, and the end of the days isn’t here this time around either. This is facing death on a very deep level, and whatever is happening in our lives, these symbols guide us each step of the way. To listen is important, but it is also important to be aware of what we are actually listening to. Never before has it been more paramount to tune into the spiritual world and, maturely and responsibly, check in whether we need to surrender, let go, and wait, or if we are supposed to push beyond the symbolical canyons that block our true expression and our capacity to act according to nature and truth.

Expect some intensity and rest in the awareness that this, too, shall pass. While it is passing, you’ll find out just how capable you are. You could discover that you are more capable than you thought. Energy used correctly breeds more energy.

Sol W Jonassen

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