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1st Quarter Moon 27º Gemini Mar 17, 2024


〰️ Find alignment after a long karmic struggle 〰️

As the first quarter Moon squares the exact Sun-Neptune conjunction this Moon is easily a runner-up for the most interesting lunar phases of 2024. The abundant Pisces energy can be pretty magical and, to be quite honest, also very annoying. If you are tired of chaos and your immune system is dancing from one end of the spectrum to the other, exhausted by constantly having to change plans at the last minute or from having to orient yourself in a strange universe that you are not yet familiarized with, fed up with having to check in on yourself to see if you are too naive or tired of being the one who is sacrificing a lot so that others can be happy? If so, you will feel a sigh of relief as the Sun crosses the equator and moves into Aries. Only three more days in Pisces, the one sign that puts our egos on the sacrificial altar and exposes a deeper truth, one that often hijacks our personal willpower and leaves us with only one choice: To flow with that which is.

«It is what it is» is an expression we often use when facing the Neptunian reality. It could be laden with frustrations, as there is an underlying unwillingness to surrender. It could also be used as an excuse not to do anything about a certain situation, or it could be expressed as a sign of peace and emotional neutrality as we land in a deep acceptance.

However, it doesn’t help that Mercury travels close to the North Node in Aries during the last little stretch of the Sun’s journey in Pisces, and the frustration of not being able to get what we want could create stress that comes out in agitated barks. Still, Mercury will help us express what is unpopular and truthful, confronting the many illusions we are exposed to. Saying it out loud, going against popular opinion, or confronting collective brainwashing and coerced behavior is never easy. The sacrifice we then make is our sense of security and our position, but growth happens outside the comfort zone, and this is where the cosmos is pushing us to go now.

While life on earth might seem dire and dark at first glance, our capacity to solve problems is greater than we think—something we often discover when we find ourselves in a situation that requires a more flexible approach. Then, we develop qualities and skills that we never before had to use, so even in the darkest hour, we might find a nugget of gold we never thought possible. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon: «Through bankruptcy, society gives an overburdened individual opportunity to begin again» suggests that after we fall flat on our faces, we get up on our feet again, and this time, with the ability to create abundance without falling into the trap of greed or missing the mark on how much we can handle before we snap.

It is all about finding new possibilities and opportunities in the midst of darkness. Nature offers a lot of inspiration in this sense, capable of adapting and changing a disaster into fertile grounds. The dandelion grows out of the smallest gaps in the concrete and functions as a symbol for those who did the impossible and got up again. Not everybody will or can, but those who will often can. There are those who, through mere overwhelm, simply give up, and then there are those who refuse to give in and do the impossible. The difference is always a curious one because it is difficult to see exactly what it is inside an individual that changes a victim mindset into one of being a survivor. Undoubtedly, there is such thing as a limit, yet some people seem to transcend even this boundary.

Being conscious and mindful always helps no matter what situation we find ourselves in. A willingness to learn goes a long way, as does a deep trust that if we find the path of truth, we will discover alignment again after a long karmic struggle. This mindset starts feeding itself, and the one who has successfully overcome obstacles will be capable of doing it again as long as there is energy and life inside the heart and mind. This symbol also suggests that society, the people we have in our lives, play an important part in this journey. The one person who shows up can make a huge difference.

And as the Sun crosses the equator, Mercury is right on the North Node, reflecting the possibility that friends you haven’t met yet can creep out of the woodwork and impact your life. Through ingenuity and intelligence, Mercury will help us solve our current problems. It is time to move forward, but first, it is time to get the feet out of the mud through effort. It could feel good to simply surrender, but with Aries’s energy coming in so strong, the pure impulse of life itself will get you on your feet again.

Sol W Jonassen

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