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August 10, 2022 Astrology Forecast

August 10, 2022 Astrology Forecast

The oneness of creation,
Now lives in separation,
My task is unification,
Through joyful recreation.

In the midst of complications,
I will not forget,
That the point of life and living,
Is to love and reconnect.

Buongiorno Star Seeds!

It almost feels like an act of rebellion, narcissism, lack of compassion, or disrespect to have a good time these days! Interesting how the current public narrative has turned so much to using shame and guilt to coerce the population into self-deprecating acts of submission “for the sake of the community.” Be careful not to be duped! The shadow of Aquarius is to stifle creative self-expression and harness the individual’s power (or steal it) and unique genius. Let’s not fall for it.

Instead, use every means available to “know yourself through your creations.” Leo, the Sun, and the fifth house of the birth chart show your unique avenues of creative self-expression through children, hobbies, adventure, play, romance, and FUN! During times of stress and confusion, I suggest using “Creative Therapy.” Whether it is sewing, painting, dancing, karaoke, building, carving, writing, websites, videos, music, or business enterprises, creating something stirs the life force within, builds it, and moves it. This, in turn, gives energy, confidence, purpose, meaning, health, and emotional and mental stability. You gotta know what I mean!

Our creativity turns us from followers to leaders, from sheep needing a shepherd to sovereign, influential individuals self-guided, sustaining, and purposeful. Creating is a pathway toward liberation not to be ignored, denied, or suppressed. And yes, Saturn in Aquarius (and Pluto in Capricorn) are in opposition to Venus and the Sun right now, trying to do just that. Don’t let it happen. Fortunately, the north node/Mars/Uranus council in Taurus, the sign of self-sufficiency, is powerful enough to break the grip of the old hierarchy over the minds, hearts, and bodies of many who are waking up. So let’s bust out and show ourselves, our creativity, and our creations. Don’t sell yourself short, either. Charge for it! Then take those profits and treat yourself to some personal pleasure just to put the icing on the cake of your life.

I’m off to new adventures after Damanhur this weekend and excited to continue creating circles for beautiful people to see themselves, share themselves, and create sacred space for experiencing ourselves. While my remaining workshops are sold out, I begin every workshop with a two-hour talk open to the public. Check out my website for times, locations, and dates and I hope to see you there. Also, don’t forget I have a School of Astrology if you’d really like to get into this (easily) stuff. Check it out HERE!

The oneness of creation,
Now lives in separation,
My task is unification,
Through joyful recreation.

Yes, there is plenty to moan and groan about! In so many ways, the world looks pretty grim. We are surrounded by dark images and bad news day after day. While there is so much “wrong” with the world, there are a number of different opinions, beliefs, and strategies put forth on the best way to deal with it. I have spoken of the evolutionary stages many times, and more info on these can be found on my website.

But for now, let it suffice for me to say that there is no one right way or thing to do, but according to your disposition, the best regular attitude and action is what I have suggested here in the Pele Report. “The best way to fight evil is to make progress toward the good,” says the I Ching. What we want to do now is flood the airwaves, soundwaves, ocean waves and all waves with beautiful, joyful, graceful, thankful, and soulful ART. We lift the vibration and heal the wound, not by focusing on the problem as much as the solution – UNITY consciousness. Try it. You’ll like it!

I know Neil Young turned on Joe Rogan on Spotify, but in the old days, he made some excellent music and was a major inspiration for me! Check him out.

You’ve got to see Damanhur and the Temples of Humanity to believe it! Check out their website and come on by! and 

So Much Love,

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