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Coping Mechanisms (and Resources) for Surviving the 21st Century

Compiled by Kaypacha


  1. Gotta keep that physical body, our instrument to navigate, perceive, receive, and give in shape!  If you can manage it, a good kundalini yoga kriya first thing in the morning followed by a cold shower is a great way to start the day.  I’ve got a few videos here on the site and there are also free downloads on the kundalini yoga tab.  If that’s not enough for ya’ check out the 3HO site   org/kundalini-yoga
  2. Not enough time? Try the 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation (about 15 minutes).  That’s a separate download you’ll find on this FREE! Tab.
  3. Still not enough time? Then try the “7-minute workout,” with Rick (that’s what I call the guy LOL)!
  4. Got something bothering you physically? Get to the bottom of it with Jacques Martel’s     Complete Dictionary of Ailments & Diseases
  5. Last but not least, the ultimate book for healing: Andreas Moritz’s Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
  6. Lastly, especially for women, there’s nobody like Dr. Northrop, an astrologer herself!   com


  1. Anytime we experience loss it is natural to feel grief. Rather than suppress it or ignore it, there is treasure to be found in it.  Check out the:      5 Stages of Grief   com/the-five-stages-of-grief/
  2. When we feel wronged, betrayed, neglected, or abandoned it’s also natural to get stuck in anger and blame. Try Ho’oponopono
  3. My take is that we are all addicted to something. Born into a world of separation we have an inner void or longing that we seek to fill.  More often than not this can lead to some unhealthy habits.  Nobody like Dr. Gabor Mate!   com/


  1. For healthy sex there’s nobody like Alexandra and her Center for Healthy Sexuality. Besides this great Youtube channel, you could check out her site and books.  I’m on her email list to receive regular “Mirror of Intimacy” short daily meditations.  Fantastic!               com/user/CenterForHealthySex
  2. To me, this is a must see video for everyone! Troy Love  Talks about way more than “Finding Peace from Sexual Addiction”


  1. The old grand master himself, Harville Hendriks wrote “How to get the Love you Want,” where he explains his “Intentional Dialogue.”   He does workshops using his “Imago” approach to understanding and working with relationship.    com/
  2. John Wineland does both “Men’s Work” and relationship workshops, videos, and more. He’s awesome!     com/
  3. Bryan Reeves is another great resource for couple’s work    com/
  4. Both John and Bryan studied under David Deida, the author of “The Superior Man” (which I’m still working on LOL!) Check out his work here:
  5. For a women’s perspective, my wife appreciates Sabrina: com/blog/
  6. Regarding relationship, honesty, empowerment and more, Brene can’t be beat!   com/


  1. For relationship work my wife and I have also taken Jai Dev and Simrit’s “Sweetest Love” course that includes kundalini yoga and more. In addition to that, they offer workshops and online courses to assist the awakening process.
  2. It’s a fine line between sexuality and spirituality but that line disappears with tantra. Here’s the best book for tantra that I’ve found:
  3. Sri Chinmoy could also go up top under “physical” as I first came into contact with his teachings in a running marathon inspired by them. However, he offers much more!  org/
  4. This resource list wouldn’t be complete with Spirit Voyage Music where you can download all the chants and kundalini yoga music you could imagine.    com
  5. When you’re looking to receive some insight on anything there is nothing like a good oracle. My favorite is The Sacred Rebel deck:  com/product/the-sacred-rebels-oracle/
  6. Bobby Klein’s weekly IChing readings are invaluable.
  7. Peter Harper offers tools to build “presence”


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