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Full Moon 01º Capricorn June 21, 2024


〰️ It is time to correct the balance and do what is right 〰️

We have crossed the summer solstice point, and the Sun is now traveling through Cancer. It is time to integrate and digest all the mutable crazy buzz that has been dominating the etheric field of Earth for quite some time. And it is business as usual with the Full Moon in Capricorn, offering a stark realization that if we don’t want to, well, maybe we have to. There are no ways to skip steps and do so successfully. Sooner or later, it will catch up to us, and we will have to deal with it much later in the process, at a stage where habits have crystalized and are harder to transmute.

But that is human nature, ever so optimistic that stuff that does matter, doesn’t matter. «It’ll be fine, don’t worry» is a common statement when the lazy mind just doesn’t want to deal with life as it is. However, the Capricorn Moon does not rely on luck. It relies on common sense, respect for traditions, knowledge of history, and a sense of personal responsibility. So even if this is a Full Moon and things are ready to be expressed, it will done so in a more responsible and appropriate manner.

Appropriate is a keyword for Capricorn Moons. Is it appropriate to project our emotions onto others? Which emotions are appropriate to involve others in? What is our personal responsibility in relation to what we feel and how we feed our own emotions? Are we expecting people to fix our emotional state without doing the work ourselves? Do we feel guilty when we open up emotionally or feel shameful because we then take up space, even if the emotions we share actually are of relevance to the person we share them with? All this and more is what the rather stern Capricorn Moon is dealing with. Most often, this need to do what is mature and appropriate ends the individual with a Capricorn Moon in a state of self-suppression and without the ability to receive nourishment. So, the balance between being responsible for one’s needs and needing care from others is a hard one to strike. And often, we play our roles perfectly, one as the child, the other as the adult. The Capricorn Moon often plays the adult role but then suffers from a lack of emotional support. It is said that it is lonely at the top.

These themes can come up for us right now, and the Sabian symbol for this lunation: «Three rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war» gives rise to an association to responsibility. Yes, we might destroy something or feel that it is all destroyed, either through conflict, war, entropy or negligence, and even if some of the beauty is scarred by the sad reality of destruction, two windows remain intact. It is such a profound statement, especially because a church is, in its original idea, a temple in which spiritual realizations and bliss could be attained. And this connection is challenged by «war» a symbol of man’s inherent capacity to destroy. As if something profound and utterly important is broken.

Yet, two windows remain intact. Much may be lost, many wounds have occurred, humanity’s failings are visibly around us, betrayals and immaturity hurt on a level that challenges the heart, and bitterness is, for some, a more available feeling than love. Yet perhaps it would be wise to focus on the two intact windows instead of on that which is destroyed.

The idea that we are responsible for any war might seem farfetched for most of us who are just going about with our day, wanting only to survive. But if we entertain ideals and ideas that are part of any ongoing war or conflict, still we want to avoid a grand scale situation, we need to be aware of what we entertain and give energy to. We are all in this together, and this wakeup call is of utmost importance. Capricorn energy has no time for excuses or a victim mentality that is evidently out of sync with the potential that is also available. The big question is, «How do we serve humanity correctly?»

We might believe that what we do and the conflicts we engage in support truth, love, and humanity, yet we find ourselves doing exactly what the enemy is doing, creating an us-vs-them paradigm. Is it helpful, or is it tainted with the bitter blood of unprocessed emotional wounds? This Full Moon is a calling to our personal responsibility in relation to our offering to the collective. That is the path of realignment to Spirit and Soul. We can’t ask others to own up if we are not willing to own up ourselves. Easy math. And very Capricorn! It is time to correct the balance and do what is right. For ourselves and for others.

Sol W Jonassen

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