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Full Moon 02º Sagittarius May 23, 2024


〰️ Love will prevail 〰️

As the planetary scenery has shifted into a more mutable quality, we are also moving into a more transitional and fluid phase. This gorgeous full Moon is accompanied by an exact sextile to Pluto in Aquarius, heralding the future, and a new conjunction between Jupiter and Venus on the very last degree of Taurus, both of whom will slide into Gemini and accompany the Sun in the days to come, will spark a newfound love for life. Mars has also left the intensity of the nodal conjunction, and the cosmos is easing into a more sociable, friendly, curious, and generous phase.

And that might be just what we need. Not only have the solar storms wreaked havoc on our nervous systems, but Mars on the North Node could have turned the proverbial cupboards of our lives upside down in an attempt to create a desperate change. Conflicts that have arisen will heal, but not unless we show some respect and tolerance instead of just expecting this to be delivered to our doorsteps. The Gemini Sun adds a layer of tolerance and friendliness to the mix, and the wisdom that emerges from this archetype is precious. Gemini, from a spiritual perspective, is the one who understands the Law of Right Relationships. Its glyph symbolizes duality, the two opposing forces that either move towards unity or away from each other, and when dealing with cultural differences, Gemini builds bridges where others enhance the gap. 

After the proverbial New Land is formed in Taurus, Gemini explores the land, curious and eager to know as much as possible! This gentle, social, and friendly energy is enhanced by the entrance of Venus and Jupiter into the sign of the Twins. 

We need to have a plan and execute it, and even if distractions arise, we return to our plan and continue to work towards our goals. The impact of retrograde Pluto in the early degrees of Aquarius adds another layer to the futuristic orientation of this lunation, and we might be finding ourselves in a situation where we are dealing with a problem that unfolded early spring and now needs resolving. The strategic mind knows very well that there are no quick fixes and that everything needs to be taken step by step, patiently, and with a broad vision.

Mercury, the ruler of the sign the sun is in, is moving through the careful territory of Taurus, helping us tune into our values and reminding us not to share everything that is happening inside our minds all the time. , helping us tune into our values and reminding us not to share everything that is happening inside our minds all the time. Taurus Mercury is a deep thinker, and words do not come through easily, so the need to find other avenues of expression could be pressing. This Taurus Mercury is deliberate and slow, needing plenty of time to move deeper to find answers. The body might be speaking loudly and clearly to us right now, and if we take the time to listen, we can find healing in the balance between ourselves and others. This is not the most sociable Mercury placement, and it might be challenging to find the right words, but it is a deliberate and steady new awareness that is now emerging, one that does not allow passions and desires to cloud clarity.

The Sun and Venus will reach the Venus Starpoint, the superior conjunction, during the last stages of this lunar month, and right now, there is a buildup of awareness of what this looks like for us personally. It has to do with relationships and the development of our capacity to understand how to become beacons of love and light ourselves. It would be lovely to be directly tuned into the Source instead of always finding it through others, wouldn’t it? 

And this is precisely what the evolution of Venus is all about. Love will prevail in your life if you let it. It requires a solid dose of humility but also a dash of willingness. The only connection we ever need is the connection to the heart. Nothing makes more sense than this experience. Not all the money in the world could heal the disconnection from the heart, and as this lunar phase is unfolding, you might see that the very thing you are looking for is right inside your beautiful, forgiving, and tolerant heart. An open heart is the fiercest and bravest energy there is. It has no time for games and no time for lies. It is Sattva, truth, untainted and pure, filled with wisdom. Listen to it and find your way home. 

Sol W Jonassen

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