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Full Moon 04º Scorpio Apr 23, 2024


〰️ Embodied patience 〰️

The eclipse lunation cycle has now reached its full moon expression. Not only has the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction started a new 14-year cycle, but two days after the full Moon, Mercury goes direct again, so things might start to look up. However, given the level of tension that dominates so much of the collective and personal, it is a time for caution and conscious de-escalation.

Mistakes have been made, and while Mars is drunk driving through Pisces, it is hard not to imagine that many people will wake up with a symbolic hangover backtracking previous reactive decisions. The Middle East and Ukraine situations are tragic and painful for humans everywhere. Yet, many people still decide to fan the flames and toss gasoline on the fire just because they think that is the appropriate way around the painful issues of identity and survival that are now taking place. Bad leadership seems to be the norm, and although there are flares of hope, it is not an easy time to be alive. The nodal axis of war and peace is certainly delivering, but not always in a good way.

There is a reason to be more hopeful about our personal relationships and how we deal with them, which is essentially within our influence and control. However, with Mars and Neptune getting together on the 28th degree of Pisces this coming week, it requires softness and agility to navigate each other’s emotional realms. While this energy is in the boiler, caution is advised. It is so easy to go overboard and pay no heed to boundaries when these two cause mischief. It is like walking on quicksand, and whatever perfect plan we concoct is undoubtedly being tested right now by all kinds of crazy stuff just happening out of nowhere.

Mercury will also be going direct on the 25th, which could have an interesting effect on the rest of the planetary picture. It has been boiling pretty intensely under the retrograde lid, and whatever was left unsaid could burst out like a can of Coke that has been shaken hard and opened too soon. It is back within orb to the North Node in Aries, so the pressure is on, and the will to make things work despite the chaos of Mars-Neptune requires a massive amount of dedication and energy. This is not a Mercury that takes no for an answer, and the inner stress of wanting something so badly and still having the world moving in the opposite direction could feel less than welcome.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon: «A massive rocky shoreline» provides a clue to how to relate to these powerful and willful cosmic waves. The massive rocky shoreline resists storms by being grounded and solid. The Taurus Sun-Scorpio Full Moon is within the orb of Pluto, our deepest desires, which can challenge our sense of stability. However, being determined and finding an inner center are both qualities that will help us navigate. Stay grounded and regulate ourselves so that we remain stable. We don’t have to freak out when things are not going according to plan. We could instead do what this last eclipse told us to do: listen inwards and connect with spirit. It is a choice, and if we wish to make that decision, we can pursue peace and stability and continue to be creative with our resources. We don’t have to do anything if we manage to resist temptation. The rocky shoreline is not going anywhere; it is embodied in patience.

Chiron rests at a square to Ceres the entire week, and our urge for control is pitted against our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We see what we can and cannot do and how the body and its limitations play into our evolution as we grow older, become sick, or compulsively make the same mistakes over and over again. These are all things that make us human, and we have to accept that even if our mind says differently.

As the cosmic dance unfolds, its message seems quite clear: Retreat to your inner sanctum and take time to get strong again. Don’t let the stress of the world become your stress, and if you have to deal with a zillion gazillion details that eat your brain, empty it. Do your breath work, go to yoga, spend time in nature, and deal with everything you have to deal with in a calm and stoic manner, willing to adapt to the cycles of nature and willing to try to let go if that is the only way forward.

This is a creative Full Moon, but it requires self-discipline if it is to work. You will find time to do all the things that are now knocking on your door. You just have to resist being pulled into the wilderness of the inflamed psyche, constantly seeking perfection. Life was never perfect, and it will never be perfect. If you can accept this, you will find your immediate liberation.

Sol W Jonassen

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