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Full Moon 05º Virgo Feb 24, 2024


〰️ Life rests on impermanence 〰️

The Cosmic Clock never stops. Nothing stays the same, and every day requires a keen ability to check in where we are at any given moment to realign with the flow. This mutable Full Moon is the culmination of a fixed New Moon and that which we held on to for dear life, we now need to release and instead focus on being flexible, agile, and in tune with the ebb and flow of life.

With Chiron on the North Node and the Full Moon being in Virgo, it is hard not to imagine that some re-alignment with health and healing needs to happen. If we have pushed way too hard lately and put our immune systems under constant stress, Chiron in Aries will remind us to be more mindful of our boundaries and that we are only humans. We always get into trouble when we don’t listen to life and its subtle intuitions.

The Sun in Pisces is crossing Saturn this week, reminding us that it is essential to understand both evolution, the law of cause and effect, and impermanence, that life is in constant flux. A fine-tuned understanding of these two natural laws, inextricably linked, lies at the very core of Pisces, a mutable sign seeking the ultimate truth while understanding that truth is relative to the moment. The body is the best example of the need for an intuitive connection to daily rhythms. One day, the truth of the body could be to rest and rebuild; another day, it needs to move, sweat, dance, and express.

And as we grow older, our point of reference, the body, also changes, and we have to change with it. We have to be open-minded enough to be able to take the signals seriously before they fester into disease and dysfunction. The shadow side of Pisces is neglect and the ability to normalize that which is toxic and unhealthy, downplaying the dangers, but Virgo, the polarity point, is quite the opposite. Every detail comes under the looking glass to be sifted, sorted, and dealt with. The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon, «A Merry-Go round» lends an interesting voice to this dance of life that is the Virgo-Pisces axis and suggests that we take some time off our hectic schedules to be like children again and have some fun. The merry-go-round gives associations to the cyclical up-and-down motions of our emotional life, and even if it sometimes feels bumpy, eventually, the merry-go-round stops, and we get off it.

The body is the point of gravity while we are on the merry-go-round, and it is through the body that we return to equilibrium and remain poised while it all goes round and round. Virgo reminds us that our daily routines, while not always performed with passion and joy, are still the most important aspects of our current existence. To get up and get on with it helps greatly when the great abyss of emotional drama is wide open and more than willing to run away with our focus.

The mutable signs speak of a rhythm that is present in all life, and to find a good rhythm throughout the day is what health is all about. Not too fast, not too slow. Breathing in and out, consciously. Taking a shower, cleaning the house, using the body. All in a rhythm that builds and conserves energy. Stress is the enemy of rhythm, and stress is fundamentally driven by our perception and our energy levels. We get stressed if we don’t think we have the power to deal with life. Stress is born from not having the control or power to do something with what is perceived as uncomfortable and dangerous.

It certainly takes courage and faith to live without guarantee or knowing for sure where something is going. To trust life is not easy when our societies are born out of distrust. Government not trusting their people, people not trusting their government. Life has proven again and again that being naive doesn’t cut it. However, naivety is not the truth that the mature Pisces speaks of. This is truth as is. Nothing added, nothing retracted. It is the opposite of naivety and requires an inherent spiritual understanding that nothing is perfect, everything is constantly evolving, and life rests on impermanence. It is a more naked truth, stripped of illusions, yet forgiving, because there is a deep understanding that there is no such thing as perfection. This is the mind that can live and thrive even in an environment that is less than supportive.

Spiritual immunity is to be radiant, and to be radiant, we have to connect to a deeper source of life. This source is for everyone. It cannot be owned, and it cannot be killed. The only thing that can be destroyed is our connection to it. But once it is realigned, it is yours forever, and even if the merry-goes-round, you sit calmly in peace, knowing that this too shall pass.

Sol W Jonassen

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