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Full Moon 09º Aquarius August 1, 2023


〰️ What’s your gift? 〰️

As a very intense and potentially quite educational and interesting lunar cycle culminates in a Full Moon in futuristic and self-aware Aquarius, the interaction between consciousness and reality can blossom into a realization that has the power not only to liberate us but also open up the doors of perception so that we get a kind of macro perspective on what the frack is going on.

There are many ways to see the world, and numerous ideologies and -isms have always been battling each other, with the people doing the groundwork, vocalizing the best solutions and the multiple explanations and reasons for the world situation. Right now, this is occupying the collective unconscious in a way that makes it hard for any of us to escape. A taste of what’s to come came with Pluto’s short stay in Aquarius this spring, and now it is back in the claws of Capricorn, making it hard for us to envision the positive alternatives to our current reality. A sense of futility drifts through the collective psyche, embodied by Neptune in Pisces, but an ember of hope is found in the ashes, one this airy Full Moon and warm Sun in Leo can fan into flames.

While it is easy to get lost in the maze of the mind, this Full Moon is accompanied by an exact opposition from Mercury in Virgo to Saturn in Pisces, emphasizing the need to learn to navigate a chaotic situation in a focused and mentally disciplined manner.

Generally speaking, humanity seems to lack basic discipline and capacity to regulate the mental realm, and the emotional body also tends to freak out and cause disturbance, not just for the individual but also for the whole as it spreads out in a contagious fashion. This makes us susceptible to being herded, and we fall prey to sensationalism. It is easy to stress people out, and without mental, emotional, and physical discipline, we are victims of whim, trigger-happy as ever. This is also polluting the earth’s energy, however odd that might seem for hardcore materialists, subscribing to the idea that what we think and feel can never harm others. Say that to a true empath, and there will be some proof that this isn’t entirely true.

We have more responsibility than we think, and as the Sun moves through Leo, it could be a valuable reflective meditation to ponder the signal we send out as individuals because that is our contribution to the whole. When astrologers talk about Leo, we talk about Leo being the gift. What is our gift, and how do we deliver it to the world, or «the audience,» symbolized through the archetype of Aquarius?

In the current matrix of the world, we are being taught that we are inadequate and unimportant, born in sin, having to excuse our presence, being often likened to parasites to our precious earth, and incapable of reaching any enlightenment. And if we get power and position to express our gift, still then, it seems we are better at tearing down than building up. Leo is the inner creative child, and children rarely never blossom under criticism and disbelief, but they will express their gift when they are trusted as individuals. In other words, if we want to move forward, we must start believing in ourselves.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon fits nicely into the Aquarius Hive Mind and the potential that we have: «A Flag Seen Turning into An Eagle» provides us with numerous associations pointing to a pledge, a loyalty, to a body of thought that will lift us up. Humanity is looking for a vision, just as we might be looking for a new vision for our lives. After the final transition of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2024, the inner change will have to match the outer circumstances at one point. Besides, earth’s current conditions urge us to seek meaning outside of material life. New trends are coming. Soon, going to fancy places and having three cars might not be so hip. And as people opt for a simpler lifestyle, success will be redefined.

And with Venus slowly moving backward in the zodiac, making a square to Uranus, our values come under scrutiny, and the search for meaning, true worth, love, and that which actually makes sense churns at the back of the brain. We are re-evaluating what truly matters, and we have to. There is no turning back. Once we have crossed the bridge of heightened awareness, it is very hard to return to ignorance.

Sol W Jonassen

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