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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 05º Libra Mar 25, 2024


〰️ BIG adjustments 〰️

This is a week of “coming down” of the penumbral Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Monday at 5 degrees Libra 07’. We are officially “in” the eclipse season! This is a particularly intense period where unconscious shadow material comes, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere, to bonk us on the head, heart, or lower. As this is on the Aries/Libra axis, the issues we’re all dealing with right now are how to be ourselves and be in relationships at the same time. That is, continuing to individualize our unique destiny without diminishing our power by “losing ourselves,” compromising, cooperating, and spending time, energy, and attention repairing, maintaining, and building bonds of love and affection with one another.

While Venus moves away from her conjunction with Saturn, Mercury moves away from his conjunction with Chiron, and Jupiter inches closer to Uranus, there are no major exact planetary aspects besides Venus sextiling Uranus on Thursday. The Moon wanes through Scorpio, Sag, and Capricorn to come to a third-quarter square in Capricorn on Monday, April 1 (April Fool’s Day), the same day Mercury stations retrograde.

This is a time when we can feel at odds with ourselves. We can feel pulled by other people’s needs, expectations, or demands, and while wanting to keep the peace and keep them happy, we could end up feeling shorted. This balancing act between self-love and showing up for others can be an impetus asking (in some cases forcing) us to look at ourselves, what’s really motivating us, what we really want, and what is most important.

This, in turn, while being uncomfortable and perhaps pushing us into confrontational discussions or hostile situations, is part of the great cosmic plan, helping us define ourselves, our passions, and our excitement more clearly, which will help us bring our destiny into focus. The disseminating phase of the Moon is a week of social engagement that can illuminate our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to showing up for others and ourselves. Are you there for everyone but yourself? Or are you not showing up for others? Hopefully, you can strike a balance.

One thing to remember is that eclipses have a “Uranian” quality. That is that sudden, unexpected, extreme, and unpredictable events, feelings, and accidents just happen, apparently from out of the blue without “reason.” It’s an unstable time when you may think things are going smoothly until suddenly someone turns on you, the bank says no, you wake up sick, and any number of upsets that, of course, as Uranus does, force you into looking at a situation with new eyes in order to see new things about yourself, others, and the world.

Try to take these upsets as gifts from above rather than curses, as in the long and with hindsight, they may have been the best thing for you!


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