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May 15, 2024 Astrology Forecast

May 15, 2024 Astrology Forecast

As I am one with all that is,
The planets are not out there,
But reflections of my own spirit being,
For me to see, heal, and hear.

Hola New Paradigmers!

Look at what the Sun conjunct Jupiter (straight line from Earth) and Venus conjunct Uranus (straight line from Earth) look like in the night sky! This powerful alignment of energy can burst our hearts wide open. I hope you can take some time on Saturday (in most time zones) to soak it all in and shine it all out!

So, I experimented with the Pele report today and went on a little journey. If you haven’t listened yet, please set aside an hour to sit still in a quiet place with a candle and some incense to get the most out of this week’s report.

Too often, with astrology, we can get caught up in the abstract, mental images of the charts and the technical interpretations offered in so many places. However, in the ancient (and some folks today), they “felt” the stars and planets. Indeed, that’s where the constellations came from; they felt energies coming from that region of the sky.

This grand conjunction occurring in Taurus, the sign of our personal, physical body, encourages us to embody rather than visualize or imagine the powerful spiritual beings whose physical bodies are the planets but whose energy is not limited by time or space. So the next time you feel like it, call in Jupiter, Venus, Apollo, or Pluto. Believe me, they hear you!

My body is the root and trunk,
My emotions are the sap,
My feelings are the blossoms and fruit,
That I promise to not hold back.

Well? Did you journey out to the far reaches of our solar system and down all the way into your root? Did you feel the four directions, the four elements, and the planets reverberating within you? Did you personally experience the alignment of yourself, Gaia, Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus all in union?

Did you find a space and time to sit with incense, candles, and music? If not, try to! Did you keep your eyes closed for the journey? (This is very important.) I hope so!

This is a time of great import and awakening to the expansive power of love. As you embrace yourself and bless all your different needs and the innocent ways you have gone about meeting them, you heal your heart and radiate your light. Let’s not get bogged down in distant matters over which we have no control, but rather, build the fire of love within that we may help light the world. Blessings!

Here’s a chant to Ganesha!

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So Much Love,

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