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New Moon 14º Cancer July 5, 2024


〰️ So what are we going to do? Wait or create? 〰️

This month’s new Moon occurs at 14° Cancer 23. While she journeys through the twelve signs this month, the Sun and Venus move from Cancer to join Mercury in Leo, Mars leaves Taurus to join Jupiter in Gemini, and our friend, the wounded healer Chiron, stations and turns retrograde in Aries. This time of year can be likened to a small child getting ready to go on vacation! We can get all excited, with a bit of nervousness thrown in, as we pack our little bag with everything we think we’ll need, and by late July, we’ve set off on our journey.

Cancer and Leo are the two most personal signs in the zodiac, indicating this is the time of year to go within, discover our unique gifts, tap into our personal feelings and needs, and then put ourselves out there! Display our originality, show the world what we’re made of, leave the safety of our nest, and risk adventure outside the known and familiar. Take a gamble!

At this stage of the cyclic process, there are no guarantees or known results, we need to fly by the seat of our pants, live in the moment, and focus on ourselves, our projects, our hobbies, and our joy. “I’m sorry, but the world will have to wait until my show is done!” Sure, there are problems and challenges, and doomsday may be just around the corner, and there’s enough negativity floating around to bring anyone down. That makes it even more imperative that we focus ourselves within and on our own creative process.

Like an artist painting, an author writing, or a pianist playing, we need to focus on what is at hand. The waters of Cancer are disturbed by the large rock thrown into the middle of its pond. It sinks to the bottom but also sends circular waves from the center out, reaching ever farther, until everything on the surface of that pond has been disturbed, shaken up for a moment, and moved. We are here to sing and dance, shake it up, yell it out, and enjoy our bodies, each other, community, Gaia and her fruits, and the starry heavens above.

Yes, our frolicking may disturb the existing order. First, the warrior Mars consults with the rebel Uranus before Mercury, and then Venus squares him. Observing it all from a distance, our friend Pluto sits on the very edge between the old order (Capricorn) and the new paradigm (Aquarius), guarding the gate of the future. The future begins now, with every moment, and we are the creators of that future. So, what are we going to do? Wait or create?

Pluto challenges us to let go of our past wounds, failures, and successes and metamorphose ourselves into something/someone new. He dares us to break free, will we take his dare? This month’s full Moon is conjunct Pluto, so we may all feel the tension being exerted by the “forces that be” to conform, stay in line, wait your turn, do what you are told, be quiet, you’re not good enough, you’ll never make a difference, you don’t matter, and any other number of Self-denying/demeaning/limiting catchphrases.

Our job now is to ignore those voices from without and within and get on with the business of CREATING! Yes, the child may go on vacation and lose their wallet, fall from the tree and get hurt, or have the horse step on their toe. Anything can happen, loss is part of life. Will the possibility of harm/failure/embarrassment stop us from experiencing the fullness of ourselves and creation during our limited time here on Gaia? Hell no! So what? Let’s enter this month with the attitude of “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” or “better to have played and lost than not to have played at all.” Go get ’em, tiger!

So Much Love,

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